Complaint Management System is an integral part of a business. No business in the face of steep competitiveness can survive without paying attention to the positive or negative feedback from customers. Though every businessman wants to see only positive reviews about their products and services, the world is not perfect so that can never be a reality. No matter how hard one tries to appease customers, bad reviews are going to happen and the competency of addressing these reviews positively makes a business great.

Today most business companies have a complaint management system in place. However, managing negative and angry reviews is not simple and in some cases can cause a pretty bad headache. Sometimes the complaint tracking software makes mistakes and sometimes the complaint management software also makes mistakes. If a business wants to succeed, it must keep in mind to avoid these seven mistakes while addressing the reviews, especially the negative ones.

complaint management system

Not listening carefully:

The worst mistake that any complaint management system can make is to not listen to the complaint carefully before addressing it. Listening carefully and responding to sensibly is the most important thing to keep in mind while receiving a negative comment. You’ll have to keep in mind to distinguish the factual portion of the review from the angry barb and then start to work on it as very few people know to criticize productively.

Taking it emotionally:

Taking any negative comment or even an angry rant emotionally or personally can be pretty stressful and may negatively alter the  ability to respond productively and sensibly. Though it is natural for humans to start reacting if treated badly, while running a customer complaint management, one should remember to avoid being defensive. After distancing oneself emotionally from all the negative reviews and finding advice to make oneself better, one can be naturally accustomed to being able to take criticism with gratitude.

Getting into a debate:

Remembering that you’re not there to get into a debate with the customer and to prove them wrong can be a real lifesaver in this profession. The moment one starts to argue offensively, he or she becomes ignorant of the factual advice even in the possible poorly constructed customer review. Even if you can prove the fact that the customer is wrong, stating it in their face is not going to help you in the larger picture at all.


Thinking from your point of view:

To understand the problems of the customer, you will have to imagine being in their shoes. For example, if someone has spent their hard-earned money to buy something for their kids and is not satisfied with the product, it’ll be hard for you to understand their pain from your point of view. So denouncing your standpoint and putting yourself in the shoes of the customer can make you deliver empathy at least if not the solution.

 Staying silent:

Staying silent in most cases is not a good option as it creates a window for miscommunication. You should refrain from staying unmoving and ask questions to the customer which helps him or her eventually to communicate to you more clearly. It also gives the customer a sense of satisfaction that you are at least interested in the matter.

Handing judgment immediately:

Most problems in the reviews are pretty complex for anyone in the customer complaint management to solve at once. For this reason, you should refrain from responding immediately without giving it much thought. While responding quickly is necessary, you should take some time to gather your thoughts and then to decide clearly, ever you’re gonna say. If you don’t have a proper answer then asking for some time to get back to them is a better option than spreading wrong information.

Being Rude  and Insensitive:

Being rude  to a customer is the worst thing that can happen in a customer management system. Even if you know that you’re not wrong, apologizing after a complaint can go a long way.

Avoiding these seven serious mistakes while addressing customer feedback reviews, especially negative ones can be helpful. So next time you handle any bad review, remember to give this one a read!

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