Dealing with customers is not something that you can take for granted. If you want to win more clients and customers, you have to attend to their concerns and offer timely and professional-grade solutions. 

Email support is an indispensable channel of customer service for quite some time. Support executives connect with customers over emails and help them with their product/service issues. 

Now, a traditional email inbox comes with some set of lacking points. It becomes a clutter of emails from various customers, leaving you bust-up with content to figure out which one requires immediate action. You can’t even easily measure the progress or track the previous interaction with customers from different mediums. 

However, all these problems can be wiped out when you convert email to tickets.

That’s why an email ticketing system is becoming popular now. It’s a cost-effective solution that helps your customer support team become more efficient. 

An email tickets management system converts your emails to tickets. It compiles and organizes the emails in a structured way that no customer email goes unnoticed. Through this system, you can automate your tasks, set up a workflow, and monitor every email that is being received and sent.

Let’s see some of the reasons why you should invest in an email ticketing tool.


1. More productivity

As everything is available at a single place with email ticketing, the support team need not switch between multiple platforms to retrieve information. 

Switching between the platforms makes people exhausted and less productive. Results in an average worker spend one hour and 30 minutes of their working day checking their inbox. 

We believe that it may take some time, in the beginning, to get hands-on with the tool but thereafter it will make the team more efficient as everything is already there. 

2. Improved team collaboration 

Collaboration just makes everything easy. 

Email support software allows teams to work collectively in an email. This also enables transparency in the workflow, for both the team and managers; help them being on the same page. 

The tickets which require different expertise, can be solved quickly with collaboration and result in a drastic fall in response time. The result is more satisfied customers. 

3. More transparent workflow

Along with teamwork transparency is also essential. Workflow and environment get better when everyone knows what the other team member is up to. 

It allows you to know easily what you are working on, what is the priority, what you should handle next, and if someone is delaying any ticket and needs help. 

Ultimately, when everyone knows what is going on and what must be the next move the workflow faster and with excellence. 

A company can make most of its available resources when they keep transparency in their work. It generates belief in employees for the company and the team will work with the feeling of oneness and harmony. 

4. Centralization 

It is visible how centralization can make everything better, whether it is transparency, productivity, or collaboration. 

Centralization makes things easy for you and your support team. It saves a lot of time for your support team and customers. 

An email ticketing system considers one major thing, that it must allow people to work under a single platform. 

Wowdesk provides an email support system that will help your company become more efficient. It allows the collaboration of team and managers, staying informed, and deciding on future moves. Start your journey to get more satisfied and happy customers with Wowdesk!

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