Customer communication channels

Customer communication channels

Self Service Help Center

A rebranded self service portal that includes a full knowledge base search, a case submission ( Features ) and tracking dashboard, a live chat in mobile friendly design.

Capture Cases from Facebook

Link your Facebook pages and easily generate cases from customers posts. Responses are sent back from your Wowdesk system to the original FB posts.

Capture Cases from Twitter

Link your Twitter accounts and easily generate cases from customers tweets. Responses are sent back from your Wowdesk system to the original tweets.

Native Mobile Apps

Access Wowdesk from your smart mobile devices, submit new cases, track cases, and chat with live agents.

Live Chat

Wowdesk provides a Live Chat system to improve real-time support to customers. Agents can view chat history. The system can be configured to route chat requests to different agents based on product type or case category.
Proactive chat feature is also available for online portal and website visitors.

Virtual Assistant

AI-powered virtual assistant use AI natural language processing to automate the conversations usually handled by live agents to help customers with sales queries or technical support issues.

Customer Support/Case Management

Customer Support/Case Management

Dynamic Routing Rules and automatic case assignment

Access Wowdesk from your smart mobile devices, submit new cases, track cases, and chat with live agents.

Knowledge Base ( Public +

Internal )

You can enhance service support and reduce effort by arming your customer service agents and your customers with access to a knowledge base, which is a searchable online repository that provides resolutions.

Load Balancing across Agents/Users

Manage workload across the team and measure performance against resolution targets..

Basic SLA

Wowdesk supports SLA with warning and violation periods based on specific criteria: priority branch, product, product group

Advanced SLA Options

Wowdesk supports advanced SLA based on specific criteria: priority branch, customer segment, product, product group, case category, case classification and departments. The SLA can be calculated based on customer business hours or service center business hours.

Automatic Escalation notifications for SLA violation

The system automatically escalate cases reaching the SLA warning threshold or the SLA violation threshold.

Full life-cycle Case Management

Agents can manage the full case life cycle according to the case workflow, wiew, edit, reassign cases, refer cases to external entities, add notes to a case, and create substasks

Extended case management to front office and back office users

Integrate Wowdesk with front office users, like call center agents, as well as back office users.

Extended case management to external entities

External organizations can be enganed in the case life cycle such as auditors, watch dogs, or suppliers through granular permissions and authorized data scope

Basic Ticketing workflow

Basic ticketing workflow consists of: Case Receipt acknowledgement -> Assessment -> Corrective Action -> Feedback/QA -> Case Close

Business Process Management(BPM) customization

A custom workflow and for the case can be created to guide the agent through the case resolution process and enfore the enterprise business process management

Work Order Management

Cases requiring field service or work order can be easily managed via Wowdesk work order management. Cost calculation for labour and spare parts can be automatically generated from the system.

ISO Standard workflow

Standard workflow consists of: Case Receipt acknowledgement -> Investigation -> -> Corrective Action -> Preventive Action -> Root Cause Analysis -> Feedback/QA -> Case Close

Case Assessment

Case Assessment should be performed to analyze the case, provide first level resolution, complete case related details, escalate the case to back office users, or close the case

Case Investigation

Perform case investigation by back office users to investigate the case and provide input on how it can be resolved

Root Cause Analysis

Perform root cause analysis to identify the root cause of a case

Corrective Action

Perform Corrective action to resolve the case

Preventive Action

Perform Preventive action to prevent the recurrence of a problem or an issue

Customer Satisfaction & Feedback

Collect customer feedback on a case resolution via custom-defined survey questions

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis can be run on cases coming from email, Facebook or Twitter to determine whether the sentiment of a post is positive or negative

Business hours and work schedule

Define the business hours and work schecule for the service center

Case Escalation

Case Escalation should be performed when cases cannot be resolved by first level support or on timely manner. The case can be escalated to back office users for resolution

Automatic email notification

An option to send notification on new cases, case update, or case assignment

Convert Cases to KB articles

Agents can simply convert cases to KB articles by a click of a button for review and publishing

Add Public and private notes to cases

An option to send notification on new cases, case update, or case assignment

Export cases

Cases can be exported to comma delmited file and imported to excel sheets

Tasks multi-assignment

Tasks can be spinned off from cases and assigned to individual users, teams, departments, or external entities

Next Best Action for Agents

Agents are presented with next best action to guide them through the case resolution process. The system relies on its internal knowledge base and the business process flow to provide next best action to take by agents during the case life cycle

IP whitelist

Restricting helpdesk access to certain IPs

Tracking Website Online Visitors

Tracking Website Online Visitors
Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Link Cases

Linking cases together based on cases relationship


Build multiple checklist templates and apply them to case forms to manage standard tasks/procedures with preconfigured checklists. Main features include:
• Pending & complete statuses
• Multiple templates for re-use
• Prevent case closure until checklist is completed
• Agent can add notes to checklist items
• Auto-activate checklists when certain conditions are met

Mail server

You can create your mail box on our mail server

Execute Macros

Customize and record set of actions/scenarios that can be applied on cases for repetitive tasks

Conditional forms customization

Build multiple case forms to support different request types(facilities issues, customer complaint, vacation requests, hardware failure), different products(HW, SW), or different process/workflows. Each form can have predefined case fields for a specific support request.
This feature allows you also to show and hide case fields based when certain conditions are met.

Call center

This channel enable you to make a voice calls with other users via a specific connector

Document and Correspondence Automation

Document and Correspondence Automation

MS Word correspondence template

Customize your own MS word documents templates. Templates can be linked to the case workflow or used for document management between customers, users and departments during the case life cycle

Facebook correspondence template

Customize your own FB templates. Templates can be linked to the case workflow or used for communicating on FB with customers during the case life cycle

email correspondence template

Customize your own email templates. Templates can be linked to the case workflow or used for communicating with internal users or customers during the case life cycle

Twitter correspondence template

Customize your own Twitter templates. Templates can be linked to the case workflow or used for communicating on Twitter with customers during the case life cycle

Manual and Automated correspondences

Send automated correspondences to customers and back office users or manually anytime during the case life cycle

Customer Self-Service Portal

Customer Self-Service Portal

Manual and Automated correspondences

Customize your own FB templates. Templates can be linked to the case workflow or used for communicating on FB with customers during the case life cycle

Social Media login ( FB – TW – g+)

If you have Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account you can login to the portal with your existing user profile

Preferred language interface

Create Self-Service portals in multiple languages

Knowledge Base search

Let your customers help themselves by using free text search for your knowledge base and similar cases

Provide Auto suggested solutions for customers

Customers submitting new cases will be presented by auto-suggested resolutions for their cases. Auto-suggest feature for customers can be turned on and off by the system admin

Customer dashboard

The customer can view, track and edit his cases from the customer dashboard

Custom case data scope for corporte customer users

Customers submitting new cases will be presented by auto-suggested resolutions for their cases. Auto-suggest feature for customers can be turned on and off by the system admin

Feedback and Surveys

Feedback and Surveys

Create professional surveys

Create multi-language surveys using all common question types using advanced survey editor

Invite participants

Send surveys to participants based on certain products/services or departments or to all customers


Set conditions for survey questions based on answers provided for previous questions

Statistics and Reports

Display statistics and reports to analyze survey responses



Basic Reports

Basic set of reports are provided out of the box to measure agent performance, track cases, monitor SLA, and other KPI reports

Report scheduler

The Report Scheduler is a scheduler service to schedule the generation and sending of reports according to a predefined schedule. Reports can be automatically emailed to recipients mailboxes.

Customized Reports & Analytics Limit

Wowdesk team can build custom reports for your specific need available upon request

Advanced Analytics

Build dynamic visual representation for the data to analyze performance, measure operational metrics, and get better understanding of your customer experience.

Security and System Configuration

Security and System Configuration

SSL encryption

Enable SSL encryption for secured communication with your subdomain

User Data Scope Management

Specify different data scope for different Wowdesk users

Role Based Authorization

Specify granular permissions for Wowdesk users based on their roles

User Access Rights management

Specify granular permissions for individual or group of Wowdesk users

Audit Log

Wowdesk provides detailed Audit Log that enables system admins to monitor every action taken on the case

Customer/Contact Profiling

Create customer/contact profiles with segmentation for both personal and corporate customers

User Profile Definition

Create detailed user profile with demographic details, login credentials, contact details, and work information

User Group Definition

Create user groups or teams that can be used in routing rules, access rights, and escalation

Multi Department Management

Wowdesk allows the user to define unlimited department tree with multiple OU levels. The orgainzation units can be configured as external to the organization or internal

Product/Service Catalog

Create your products, brands or services catalog

Product/Service Group definition

Create your products, brands or services catalog groups

Hide contact information based on privacy settings

Customer contact details for classified customers can be made invisible to agents and system users

Active Directory integration

Integrate Wowdesk with your existing Active Directory for SSO

Agent Productivity

Agent Productivity

Executive Dashboard

A bird’s eye view interface displaying the key performance indicators (KPIs) that managers need to effectively run monitor, and manage your service desk

User Dashboard

A real-time, single page interface to manage user activity workqueues, track and view cases, follow ups, reminders, to-do lists, alerts, KPIs, calendar.

Agent Calendar

A calendar displaying tasks, cases, follow ups ,to do lists, and reminders due. Calendar views can be set to daily, weekly or monthly

Agent workqueue

Agents are presented with a prioritized activities and tasks workqueues that can be sorted by case number, target dates, or SLA status


The Reminder feature notifies the user about important events.

To-do List

A list of agents to-dos and actions with target dates and status

Follow ups

Create follow up actions for certain activities with customers, or internal users


Send out alerts to other system users. Other Wowdesk users are notified with incoming alerts in their dashboards

Agents Localization Support

Select your preferred language for the admin interface

User defined case views

Agents can define unlimited user defined views for cases based on selection criteria

Pre-defined responses

Quickly respond or add case notes from pre-defined templates to common service requests

Internal Live Chat

Agents can communicate internally using the built-in live chat module without leaving their dashboard

Agent collision detection

Alerting agents when other users are currently viewing or possibly replying to the same case

Time tracking

Keep track of time spent by each agent and back end users on each case. Generate time sheets and billing reports.
Time log can be entered manually or by starting and stopping the timer.



Mobile Optimized interface

The system UI is optimized for mobile devices display and for different screen sizes


Rebrand your service center with your name, logo, and corporate standards

Integration and Connectors

Integrate Wowdesk with your existing CRM or ERP system. Special connectors and integration can be customized upon request

Storage quota

The total storage available for cases attachments

Wowdesk Support Options

Wowdesk Support Options

Guided On-boarding Process

A guided approach to help you quickly setup and configure your service center in few minutes using customer service best practices

Email Support

Obtain support from Wowdesk support team via email channel

Self-service Full knowledge base

search our KB for FAQs, troubleshooting, how-to, and user guide articles

Chat Support

Chat online with our support team for quick and attended help

Phone support

Obtain support from Wowdesk support team via phone channel

Meet our customer

Meet our customer!

“Overall: Ticketing system used in patient complaint tracking for company/process/product improvement.

The customer support was the most surprising benefit. I had done a Demo of the software, I knew that the program was great and more capable than our organization needed. I was concerned with working with a company so far from home and I was pleasantly surprised at how much everyone with Wowdesk wanted to help and worked hard to make sure that the product met our exact specifications. Any time that I ran into issues response time from support was very quick and the issue was resolved the first time.

– Custom tickets- for us VERY custom

– Data exports and analysis

– Customer contact automation

– Ticket response automation

– Option for internal and external chat

It is hard to find a con with this organization. We did not have a clear understanding of user licenses and cost increased to get everyone that needed access a license, but for what we are going to be getting out of the software I think it is still worth the cost.”

Ryan C.

Process Improvement Specialist
HME Medical Devices


Meet our customer!

“Very great and responsive customer support. All customizations were as requested. Committed to the schedules and deadlines. Strong Mobile Application Channel“

Tareq A.

Information Management Officer
Non-Profit Organization Management

Meet our customer!

“Overall, the tool is very good, but especially I like Ticketing and knowledge base. Ticketing makes it very easy and effective to escalate customer issues and track them. As for knowledge base, it’s very simple to use and manage. It’s a good source of information for the front line to find the necessary info fast and serve the customer effectively.
Whenever facing a feature not so comfortable, we collaborated with the vendor and both the account manager and technical staff are very open and flexible to cooperate, to change, customize to make the tool suitable for specific business.
1. Customer s issues escalation and tracking very effectively
2. Knowledge base which makes it very easy for front line to find the info to serve the customer fast and effectively.”

David M.

Head of Customer Care

Meet our customer!

“Effective Complaints management system“

Essam H.

Head of IT
Internal Trade Development Authority

Meet our customer!

“Easily one of the best customer relation management system available in the market out there, Plus the vendor’s support and sales team, is very commited in ensuring the functionality and system to follow the business requirement and in timely manner.Definitly recommended to all.
Pros: 1. Easy to use. 2. Easy to customize 3. Easily fits business requirements. 4. Awesome support and sales team.“

Norazim Yadiy M.

IT Executive
UDA Barhad Malls

Meet our customer!


“– Wowdesk is designed with an integrated customer DB

– Integration with social network (email, fb, twitter, etc.. ) that make the system easy to use and which decrease the time and effort to collect cases from multiple channels

– Miscellaneous tasks (alerts , reminders , follow up , to-do ) helping individual to save and manage time and increase users productivity

– Tracking and processing the case in a social method helping in increasing our knowledge by learning from previous cases

– Customizable workflow that helped me to customize the system to meet my own business processes

– Customizing based on (Users , Roles , user groups ) that make the system more general and also very powerful in assigning different users privileges on functionality and date levels

– One of the things to be enhanced is the authorization module UI

Finally, the product is great and it enables us to capture and track customer cases and inquiries so nothing can fall through the cracks.

Hani E.

General Manager
Mashaweer UAE


Meet our customer!

“I would love to express my utmost gratitude for the excellent experience I had when implementing Wowdesk with you. The customization and deployment were straightforward and brilliant. My appreciation for this amazing, fast and professional service. “

AbdRabo M.


Meet our customer!

“We desired an adaptable system that is easy-to-use for managing and enhancing customer satisfaction. By using Wowdesk, we met our goal. Using the tracking, reminders and follow-up functionalities our customer service staff are able to efficiently and effectively follow up processes that reflect our hotel’s customer-focused philosophy.“

Hisham M

General Manager
Sea Soul Hotels

Meet our customer!

“Wowdesk far and away the greatest of all solutions we tested. it has a user friendly interface than any other system as it has a critical follow-up and reporting capabilities needed to make sure there’s effective customer service management.“

Kesthi A.


Experience Wowdesk. Experience a powerful helpdesk software!