The More Efficient Way to Handle Customer Complaints

Automate your complaint management processes with Wowdesk to meet regulatory and compliance requirements, ensure customer satisfaction, prevent recurring problems and more effectively track and manage customer complaints.

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Seamless Complaints Management Experience

Wowdesk ISO compliant complaints handling tool provides a simple to use platform for managing customer complaints, and deliver optimum customer experience.

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Wowdesk complaint management solution is highly flexible and can be integrated with your quality management system, thus delivering quality customer relationships.

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Rеѕроnd and correct complaints

Wowdesk helps to automatically assign and schedule follow-up actions arising from complaints and track the progress of their completion.

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Monitor and measure success

Wowdesk helps you to access your reports on customer complaints which makes it easy to monitor performance and measure results.

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Complaint Reporting Process

Wowdesk lets you establish a consistent, corporate-wide system for recording, tracking and responding to customer complaints which ensure all necessary data is captured.

  Protect your business reputation and increase customer satisfaction by ensuring that complaints are investigated and responded to in a timely manner.
  Automate the process of assigning complaints, escalations and related investigations based on complaint properties .
  Monitor and track the complaint status throughout the complaint life cycle from submission to resolution.
  Streamline organization-wide Customer complaint process and enable a better integration between Sales & Customer Support processes in a single system.
wowdesk customer complaint management software demo
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  Trigger notifications to the relevant parties when complaints are received, new feedback has been collected, SLA is violated, and more.
  Smartly measure and improve your service level by tracking the effectiveness of your customer service with the right metrics, measure performance, and customer satisfaction with Wowdesk analysis and statistics tools.
  Perform root cause analysis to resolve issues at strategic level and avoid recurring problems.

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Easily one of the best complaints management systems available in the market out there, Plus the vendor’s support and sales team, are very committed in ensuring the functionality and system to follow the business requirement and in timely manner. Definitely recommended to all.

Pros: 1. Easy to use. 2. Easy to customize 3. Easily fits business requirements. 4. Awesome support and sales team.

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