Transform Your Support with a Helpdesk Ticketing System

Customer requests coming in from various sources; phone calls, emails, texts, and chats. You may talk to one, email another one, and screen share with others. We understand what you might be going through every day.

And how much time do you spend on all these calls? Are you able to follow up on those emails, calls, or chats effectively? Probably not, and you are in dire need of a robust ticketing system that can control the chaos and empower your business organization.

Ticketing solution

What is a ticketing system?

A helpdesk ticketing system comes to your rescue. A ticketing system is a helpdesk software tool that removes all the clutter and effectively manages customer queries from multiple sources and channels. It is loaded with excellent features that help to handle issues and simplify incidents.
Here's what a support ticket system does in your organization:
• Efficient management of customer tickets from one Hub
• Maintains proper workflow and automation
• Multi-channel Support
• Helps in proper reporting and analysis of the metrics
Here’s your guide to know how a support ticket system can help to respond to service requests in a timely manner and improve customer support.

What is a ticketing system?

Use cases of ticketing system software

If you aim to give 100% satisfaction to your customers then the ticketing system would be the ideal solution for you. Here are some different use cases of a ticketing system for your every problem or incident:
• Customer service and support
• IT service desk
• HR help desk
• Facilities management
• Workflow management
• Field Service management

Use cases of ticketing system software

Who can use a ticketing system?

The ticketing system is not confined to the IT sector, but wherever your employees seek IT support to get their issues fixed you probably need a ticket tracker. Irrespective of the area of service, when your organization the customer requests gets cumbersome which is hard to deal with. You would need speed with simplicity to handle such customer requests.

Here are different sectors where support ticket system can be a boon:

  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Professional Services
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Technology and Telecom
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Travel
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Media and Marketing
  • Real Estate


What are the advantages of ticketing software?

When your company has outgrown manual methods of addressing customer concerns, it would be difficult to switch to an automatic system. To pick the right ticketing system software, you must know how beneficial it will be to your organization? We have drilled down some of the essential aspects that will compel you to implement one in your organization.

Faster Resolution
Faster ticket resolution
A support ticket system automates the routine administration of the process that your support team has the margin to focus on essential issues. The ticket is routed to the concerned department as it enters the software. It is already loaded with critical information like the customer’s name, the product they use, the urgency of the ticket, and so on. This way, your support team doesn’t need to waste time collecting these details, thus facilitating the faster resolution of customer queries.
Reduces Backlog of Tickets
Reduces Backlog of Tickets
Another significant benefit of implementing a ticket tracker is that it reduces the ticket backlog as it starts resolving more tickets in less time. A ticket backlog can keep the customers waiting for their queries to get fixed to ultimately losing their trust. It also creates an environment of stress which impacts the ability to resolve issues. Implementing trouble ticket software would streamline the entire process resulting in the reduced backlog and effective management of queries.
Personalized Support
Personalized Support
With a robust Support ticket system, your support staff would be able to better focus on providing quality solutions and services to customers. The automation of the entire process will free up the time which can be utilized to give a personalized support to customers.
When your customers notice that your support staff is genuinely investing time to address their concerns effectively, they will feel valued. It breeds a strong customer relationship and sows the seed for brand loyalty.
Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement
As the support ticket system provides the ground for analysis, you would be able to identify better the problematic areas needing your attention. You have critical metrics that are viewed on central dashboards that help you gain valuable insights.
You would instantly know who is falling behind the duties just at a glance. This way, you can understand the scenario earlier and let the concerned person know before the issue escalates
Revenue Growth
Revenue Growth
Revenue growth is also an essential factor that compels you to switch to a helpdesk ticketing system. As the resolution of customer queries speeds up, you will notice that happy customers will stand with you. These satisfied customers will enhance your brand name and bring steady revenue.
As you implement the best customer service ticketing system, you will develop a reputation of a reliable provider. This reputation will help you generate leads and attract new customers.

What to consider before investing in a ticket tracker software?

Choosing the best trouble ticket software isn’t easy in the first place. Numerous factors come to play, but the benefits it offers help you make a better choice. Here are some of the critical aspects of Wowdesk ticket tracker that will instantly catch your attention:

  • Scalability – When it comes to scalability, you can add more features, additional agents, and support more tickets as you expand your business over the years.
  • Ease of use – It is so easy to use that even who is not a technical geek can understand the functioning.
  • Budget – It fits the budget of most of the organizations. Moreover, the services are affordable and convenient.
  • Integration – Wowdesk is the best ticket tracker as it offers flexibility and integrates well with other business apps and tools.
  • Customizable – It is also customizable, and you can use it according to your business needs.
  • Security – The software has data encryption, and it protects all the key information of the organization.

What to consider before investing in a ticket tracker software?


The ticketing system difference

Wowdesk ticketing system software is primarily designed to help organizations quickly adapt to the customer service environment. It integrates all the tools and other business applications that ensure faster and more organized resolution of customer queries.

Here are some crucial features of the Wowdesk ticket tracker that will help you efficiently manage the process and focus on the bigger picture!

Saves Time

Saves Time

Wowdesk is an excellent ticketing system software that automates the entire process and prioritizes customer queries based on their urgency. This automation helps to save you a lot of time so that your customer support team can improvise on their efforts and serve customers better.

Customer Expectations

Customer Expectations

With Wowdesk trouble ticketing software, you set a standard to uѕe service level agreements асrоѕѕ уоur support team. It prioritizes your queries and creates Custom SLAs.

Streamlines Communication

Streamlines Communication

With Wowdesk ticket tracker, it is accessible to managing customer interactions оvеr channels likе email, phone, and live chat. Also, communicating over social mеdiа likе Facebook аnd Twitter has turned out to be a hassle-free process. Now, you can create better and more positive customer relations and build brand image.


Why choose Wowdesk?

Wowdesk is an ideal customer service ticketing system that deploys the best tools and technology which ensures satisfactory services to your customers. It is easy to use, scalable, robust and ensures an advanced workflow to offer the best solution for the concerns raised.
It streamlines the complete system. It captures inquiries, customer requests, and complaints on a single platform and empowers the support team with the best set of tools to effectively manage them. Apart from this, there are several other reasons that would compel you to switch to Wowdesk, let’s have a look at some:

Track and Measure
Wowdesk support ticket system provides you with ample data to facilitate proper analysis and formulation of strategies to counter issues. You can easily spot problems, recognize performance, track customer happiness, and monitor service standards. The tracking of queries and efforts of your support team has become comfortable with it.
Track and Measure
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Wowdesk ticket tracker comes with AI features. It automates customer communication and interaction with virtual agents and automates the process of prioritizing, classification and assignments of tickets and delivering better services to customers/
Advanced Workflow capabilities

Wowdesk ticketing system software allows you to efficiently manage the tickets full life cycle. It helps agents in smooth coordination with the customers and internal employees and back office users. Customers stay informed along the ticket journey and tickets flow seamlessly between concerned departments.

Advanced Workflow capabilities
Ease of collaboration
Ease of collaboration

Wowdesk trouble ticketing software provides one well-integrated platform for collective collaboration. Be it agents, subject matter users, and back-office departments they can effectively collaborate. They can easily track communication on tickets through private notes, internal live chat, or subtasks. They can also keep a track of documents exchanged between the departments for the redressal of specific complaints. Agents are provided with a dashboard from where they can easily access calendars, reminders, follow up, to-do-list, alerts.

Reporting and Analytics

Wowdesk helpdesk ticketing system provides you with the most powerful reporting suite with different tools and dashboards. It enables you to take your customer support services to the next level by measuring key metrics. These key metrics may include customer satisfaction ratings, resolution speed, and agent performance. Wowdesk allows you to generate your reports through multiple organizational levels and teams with multi-level dashboards. You can easily track case status, SLA, overall operations performance, and other important KPIs.

Reporting and Analytics
Access to a Huge Knowledge Base
Access to a Huge Knowledge Base

Wowdesk ticketing system software allows users to explore your products and services themselves as it provides a knowledge base and FAQs for external and internal users. Here the employees get access to customer history and if they have a similar query that they asked in the past then the support team can route these repetitive queries to FAQs. It saves a lot of time and effort which they can devote to some other important issue which will ensure customer satisfaction on your part.
Now that you know the benefits of implementing the best helpdesk ticketing system let your customer support team collaborate effectively.

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