The world of technology is spreading its wings across different business domains and channels, generating newer, more effective systems to operate on an everyday basis. In this fast-paced, evolving world, to step up and welcome newer systems can be highly beneficial for your business – no matter the type and size. The world digitized from telephones to mobile phones, and then the internet. Phone calls changed to emails, and emails changed to messages. Over the years, technology has given birth to better ways of communication that ensure minimal loss of information.

However, the information still manages to leak out of the funnel. Usually because of the (justifiable) manual incapability to manage and organize processes, the information that travels between two ends gets filtered or lost through the journey. For instance, customer care executives who manually handle customer queries are less capable of catering fully to each and every query as compared to those who use efficient and web-based email ticketing system. By automating processes, it becomes easier and faster for executives to track and manage customer problems.

Don’t take our word for it. Weigh the pros!


Ease of Prioritization

You might just be working fine with emails and not slipping out on queries, but are you able to prioritize what’s important? Well, with a ticketing software, you can set workflows according to their priority. What needs a resolution first, comes to the notice of the executive before other issues. This ensures that urgent tasks are taken care of before the ones that can wait.

Saves Time

Saving time means saving on expenses. You might think that a ticketing system is an additional expense, but in reality, it’s an investment. When all the processes are lined and presented to the support team in an organized manner, they don’t have to shift back and forth between inboxes and sent mails. They have everything displayed in plain sight on their dashboards, which makes tracking previous conversations and redressals a breeze and enables them to work at their highest efficiency. They invest most of their time doing the work that really matters and skip all the hurdles that waste time. This saves their time and the company’s revenue.

Less Stress for Support Staff 

Things can get really hectic for your support staff at times. When all the information they need is scattered across different channels, they have to pick bits and pieces to gather the information they really need on the case. Switching between channels or even emails can be confusing, which also leads to delays. To reduce all the unnecessary sifting through emails and save time of your support staff, adopt an email ticketing system that keeps all case-related requests at one place. This centralization eliminates stress and confusion.

Ease of Collaboration

A ticketing system makes collaboration a breeze. Some cases require the involvement of more than one executives, which makes the process confusing. Especially if they have to go through the emails of one another, things get really complicated. In order to communicate with each other to extract required information, they use emails. As this is a highly time-consuming approach, it ends in delays. When you employ a ticketing system, collaboration becomes much easier. As different participants acting on a case can upload their audio notes, emails, and documents in a single thread, collaboration does not even require a personal interaction with another participant.

Report Metrics & On-going Tracking

An email ticketing software comes with a report-generating metric, which helps the supervisors to track the progress on a case. This helps the support members stay focused on the job at hand. As they know they are being monitored at all times, they are under constant pressure to give their 100% at work. These software come with the features to generate reports related to time consumed on providing a resolution, time spent on finding the solution to the problem, and track customer feedback on resolutions offered. This keeps the support members in the right competitive spirit to beat their own records.

Transparency & Professionalism

An email ticketing software ensures transparency of operations as all the participants acting on a particular case can view the activities of others. The information exchanged is stored for future references also, which is accessible at any point in time. This transparency also facilitates the process of tracking a returning cases, unsatisfied by the first resolution, and makes following up easy. Such a software is not only transparent but also highly professional. When your customers don’t have to wait for too long for the executives to gain information on their case, and when their calls are quickly retrieved from hold, they are likely to leave a better feedback. For the executives to have requisite information handy at all times, sends across a message of uncompromisable professionalism.

These benefits are some of the many reasons to invest in an email ticketing software. Upgrade to one today!

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