A great business or enterprise is the one that acknowledges complaints and works on it to improve its stand in the market. You are likely to come across a lot of complaints during your business span. A good complaint management system involves keeping a track of such complaints as well as the action taken against them. A lot of businesses create a dedicated spreadsheet to keep a check on its happenings. However, it is tiring and long gone. What do you think about software? 

Why complaint Software, When Spreadsheets are Good?

Complaints can be lodged from various sources including calls, social media, or website pages. But what happens after it? How are you going to stick your customers on the loop? How are you going to resolve such ongoing issues? 

Spreadsheets are easy and good but these do not work well in the long run especially when you need to communicate with customers or team members. A complaint software solves your such subjects in many ways. Let’s see how

  • Benefits of Using a Complaint Management Software

While a lot of companies still struggle with spreadsheets, many others have found their refuge in the software application to keep a check on their complaints. Having a software tool by your hand allows you to create a dedicated process and ensure that your customers are happy with the resolution. 

  • Better Complaint Acknowledgment and Communication

The most crucial thing in a complaint management system is to let your customers know that you care. How are you going to let them know? You need your complaints to be heard addressed and resolved. A software application system will allow you to create automated acknowledgments. 

With the help of complaint management software, you can turn acknowledgment into an email that shall be shared with your customer. This lets your customer know that you are working on it. Constant communication with your customers in this crucial phase makes them feel valued and trusted. 

  • It Creates Accountability; Who is Following Up On The Complaint?

When a complaint is passed to a specific person, how are you supposed to know that they are working to resolve it? With a complaint software, you can assign an issue to a particular person or team and keep track of their resolution methods. The communications made during complaint resolution are time and date stamped to check the efficiency of the team. 

This creates a sense of accountability among people and the complaint resolution works faster than usual.

  • Security and Confidentiality

The biggest concern with spreadsheets is that it doesn’t guarantee the security and confidentiality of the complaints. 

Sometimes when a piece of confidential information is shared, you need to ensure that only a specific set of people are allowed access. Using complaint software will allow you to easily secure such information by restricting access when required. 


Managing complaints is a tedious job. On top of that, updating a spreadsheet is much more difficult. Nevertheless, a complaint management system can make your tedious job easier by providing you feasibility. 

We at Wowdesk make sure to provide you with a collaborative platform to track and manage your complaints efficiently. Our easy to learn software along with powerful workflow and productivity features enables you to resolve complaints and stay compliant. Get to know more about our software here

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