Excellent customer experience is necessary for the success of a company. 

Over the past decade, consumer preferences and expectations have increased, and along with that, the use of social media has also spiked up. If you/ your product/ your services fail to meet customer’s requirements, they are likely to talk about it on social media channels, which can damage your brand reputation beyond repair. 

Thus, it is extremely important to deal with complaints promptly and appropriately. Deploying a complaint management system can help companies to respond promptly to customer complaints and meet with quality standards.

Now, stand-alone customer management systems are no longer sufficient to tackle today’s complex customer needs. For that, a unified complaint management system that integrates complaints and offers features to organize data, take corrective actions, and aid in risk analysis is required. Such systems ensure proactive problem management and action completion. 

The need for complaint tracking software

Here are the top four reasons that suggest the need for complaints management system.

1. Increased team efficiency

Effective management of data and content is difficult with a disconnected system. It causes delayed responses. These delays can cause customer frustration and make customers shift to competitors. Whereas, a cloud-based complaint management solution directs the complaints to a centralized system, where these complaints are then assigned to the concerned team to handle. 

2. Improved and organized documentation

Handling complaints from unhappy customers is not the only work of effective complaint software – they are meant for a lot more. 

A robust complaint management software also provides documentation for the analysis. It allows linking complaints to corrective actions, product or service quality, and provides the re-assess ability.

A disconnected complaint management system results in a trail of papers and Excel sheets. It can lead to miscommunications and data loss. Lost complaints that are inadequately addressed create the risk of continued product issues, recalls, and customer dissatisfaction.

3. Recurrence prevention 

A complaint tracking software allows a thorough analysis of the root cause of the issues and their effective corrective measures. It ensures the prevention of recurrence of a similar issue. 

Effective and prompt handling of complaints is necessary. Resolving the unnecessary piled up complaints wastes time and resources. When a company fails to promptly handle the complaints, it results in recalls from angry customers. It creates a negative impression of a brand, which may take years to replenish. 

4. Happy and satisfied customers 

Do you know that most of the customers switch to the competitors without even registering any complaint?

Thus, if you are receiving any complaint, it is an indication that there might be customers also who are experiencing the same issue. Therefore, try your best to solve the registered complaints, they are the customers who want to stay connected with your company; need to make every possible effort to make them stay with your company. Build loyalty with your most precious asset- your customers!

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