What is the purpose of a customer support team? To provide solutions to the issues raised by customers. 

How do you think you will come up with a solution? With a complaint management software. Of course, but there is more to the plate than just leaving it all on the software. 

The customers in today’s times are aware. That being said, they are well aware of their legal rights when it comes to lodging a complaint. Additionally, your business relationship strongly depends on your complaint resolution skills. Hence, if you wish to make a difference in the market, you need to pace up with your complaint management strategies. 

Let’s dig in further to understand how you can do it right

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  • Keep Your Complaint Management Process Simple

There are two kinds of people, the ones that are blunt while the others are more on the reluctant side. The reluctant ones usually shy away from creating a mess by complaining officially. The reason being the laborious process. 

Here, the laborious process implies slower response time and disappointing results. How do you think you can change it? By being active and resolving issues efficiently. 

When dealing with such customers, make sure to assure them that even a formal complaint can be resolved in no time. Show them through your actions and build their trust in you. 

  • Proactive Work Will Never Let You Down

Certainly, your team might comprise a number of customer support executives. How do you think stands out from the rest? By staying on the line or proactive throughout the day.

The company usually assigns tickets looking at the approach of their executives. Perhaps the employee with great performance and skills shall be given to handling a bigger case than the others. Your call is to work efficiently and turn into a person your company can believe in.

This way, you end up making everyone happy, the customers, team, and yourself. Can it get better?

  • Reduce Escalation Rates

Escalating a severe issue is fine but escalating every issue to managers or solicitors usually takes a longer time than usual. Looking at the long wait times, customers usually give up and turn negative towards your company.

Always remember one dissatisfied customer can invite many others to his league. So, rather than escalating issues, work more on solving them at your end. Escalate only when it is needed. Furthermore, let your customers know the drill and the process might take a little more time. Your goal is not only to resolve issues but also to build long-term relationships with your customers. 

  • Use Empathy to Connect with Your Customers

A complaint tracking software is indeed an indispensable part of your team. However, there is more that you can do aside from focusing on the technology. Here, we are talking about human emotions. 

Consider yourself in a situation where you are completely dissatisfied with a service or product and you decide to lodge a complaint. Frustrated and angry you choose to retaliate but hear a calm voice at the other end. How does it work for you? 

That’s what empathy is about. It is all about putting yourself in the shoes of your customers to understand their problems better. It has been proven that dissatisfied customers usually turn into grateful ones with the right choice of words and actions. 

  • Build a Positive Culture

The change starts with you! 

A positive organizational culture motivates employees to work harder and resolve complaints without taking stress. Employees experiencing stress from customers as well as the company will eventually end up performing lesser than what they can do. 

Additionally, a negative or frustrated employee will anyway choose to leave the company which will create a negative picture in the market. Here, companies need to understand the need for creating a positive culture for their employees. A good and sound culture empowers employees to put their best.


Complaint management is not difficult. All you have to do is stay organized and remember the things stated above to improve your performance as well as deliver quality service to your customers.

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