Customer complaint management is the most overlooked hotel management technology. Alarmingly, a huge number of hotels are dependent on manual processes to manage their guest complaints and requests. And from what we know, results are not impressive. 

No one can avoid customer complaints, but how you and your team manage the concerns can make or break your hotel or restaurant.

If the guests are satisfied with your complaint management service & resolution time, they are going to become a loyal customer. If not, they would become fed up netizens and might post negative reviews on the web that can crash the online reputation of your restaurant. 

In the current scenario, several hotels have automated the booking and front office systems, but the guest complaint management system is still typically manual. 

The manual complaint practice causes a lack of key factors like accountability, on-time resolution, monitoring, and documentation – things that can worsen the whole experience for your guests. This may lead to a delay in resolution to not matching guest expectations.

With complaint software, hotels can turn an upset customer into a happy one. Here’s how. 


Benefits of customer complaint management software

The major benefits of opting effective complaints management software for hotels & restaurants are:

Ease of tracking every complaint and request

The biggest problem today is a lack of complaint documentation. No one has a track on who took the complaint and who is responsible to resolve it. Whenever things go wrong, the blame game starts between staff. In the end, no one takes account of the customer’s problem and it adds on to the complicated administrative procedure that resists the business growth. 

To avoid such complications during resolving guest complaints, documentation must be maintained with details. It includes information like the department and the employee who is responsible to resolve tickets and the real-time progress status. This would help the top management to set up accountability and create awareness of ownership to the department and employee to resolve tickets timely.


On-time resolution of guest’s complaints and request

After documentation of complaints and requests, it is important to resolve them at the right time possible. The tickets need to be resolved in optimum time duration, to ensure that complaint software has an escalation metric; managers can specify and configure on when a ticket needs to escalate and under what context. 

By escalating the ticket, the managers can look into the matter and assist the employee to resolve the ticket as soon as possible. It enforces the sense of urgency in staff to resolve the ticket.


Analyze and understand the common pattern behind guest complaints and requests

Hotels can analyze and understand the common patterns behind guest complaints and requests so that they can predict and increase revenue and operational efficiencies. 

Additionally, the data stored in the customer complaint management software also helps hotels catch on to their strengths and weaknesses. This can help managers to develop an appropriate strategy for their business.


Discover the major issues in the hotel

Few repeated complaints but cannot get to the exact problem. But with data stored in complaint software, it is possible to answer what is hurting the overall profitability. 

Through data analytics, the reason behind guest complaints can be discovered as well as you can get to the rooms from where you get most of the complaints. You can create default as well as custom reports in just a few seconds according to the requirement.


Training and maintenance

With the uncovered insights through the complaint management system, it is easy to get to the issues that are crippling your hotel business, and also you can provide training to the staff accordingly. 

Using these insights, you can understand the type of complaints that take the most time to resolve and can arrange department meetings/training on how to resolve them faster.

Happy guests help nurture your business and create a positive online reputation. Wowdesk is an enterprise-grade complaint tracking software that meets all the parameters that we have discussed above. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to us or click here to start your free trial.

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