When it comes to customer satisfaction, there exist two types of businesses on the internet. First, there are companies that fail to satisfy customers and end up with low ratings on social media channels, business listings, and all sorts of online platforms. And second, there are companies that hold high satisfaction ratings on all these platforms. Both of them owe a big part of their non-achievements / achievements to the complaint management systems they are using. We admit that you cannot satisfy every customer every time but why ignore an opportunity to improve by leveraging those customer touchpoints. An efficient, powerful, and advanced complaint management software can help you capitalize on these touchpoints. 

Below, we will roll through some of the common complaint management challenges and what are the elements required in an effective complaint tracking system.

Complaint Management Challenges

With the evolution of the business environment, the complaint management process has started facing several crucial challenges. 

  • To begin with, we have systems that are often inflexible, outdated, and lack integration. Handling complaints with such a complaint tracking software later consumes a lot of time since agents have to navigate through multiple platforms while looking for the best solution in the given time. 
  • Adding to this inefficiency, we have poorly integrated systems. They block the flow of crucial information between the complaint handlers and the management team. This information can be anything including customer details, complaint information, customer requirements, and appropriate solutions.
  • The inconsistency caused in the flow of information prevents companies to have a proactive response to customer complaint trends. Several glaring customer service issues, incorrect information, and product flaws can go unnoticed for intolerably long time frames. Businesses can suffer low customer satisfaction ratings as these open feedback loops disconnect companies from their customers. And in these highly-competitive times, customer dissatisfaction can lead to an unwanted competitive gap.
  • Finally, relying on an ill-fitting complaint management software can result in frequent workflow issues since proper procedures are defined poorly and communicated ineffectively to the complaint handling agents. Agents are left with no choice but to subjectively interpret the complaint procedures leading to inconsistent and unsatisfying customer experience.

What are Solutions Elements of the Right Complaint Management Software

From small businesses to large enterprises, all can overcome these common complaint management challenges with certain components found in the right and effective complaint management system. Let’s find out what these solution elements are.

  • Integrated software system: Starting from submission and escalation to analysis and resolution, the entire lifecycle of a complaint should be available in a single interface and it can only happen with the help of an integrated software system. 
  • Workflow automation: Companies can enforce compliance with standard procedures while creating consistent and easy-to-follow processes if they have configurable, customizable workflows, and business rules. 
  • Task processing: Efficient task processing allows agents to capture, classify, and assign tasks or complaints to the right department ensuring timely resolution. 
  • Complete customer queries and reviews: Agents can serve personalized solutions leveraging complete customer reviews and robust case histories with key data points such as past activity by the customer, product information, and more. 
  • Data and reporting: Aggregated data of customers and the resolved complaints allow businesses to analyze and identify potential problems that may arise enabling them to proactively work on potential service or product improvements. Real-time monitoring and reporting in the dashboard are also helpful in the timely resolution of complaints.
  • Multi-channel support: Recording, tracking, and effectively managing customer complaints through multiple channels including social media, emails, chats, etc. is another essential feature required in the right complaint tracking software

Final Word

Here we conclude the components found in the right complaint management software such as Wowdesk. Still in doubt about whether to invest in a complaint management system or not? Read 5 Compelling Reasons Why Your Company Needs Complaint Management Software.

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