Customer service is all about taking care of what is most important for your business. The customer is not called the king for nothing! Here are 10 skills that you need to master to please the king and be awesome and eveready at his service.

What fuels your business? What keeps it growing? Who helps you monetize your ideas? Well, the answer is simple – customers! So, nothing but excellent customer service is an inevitable requirement for any business that wants to flourish. To be awesome and efficient at customer service, you need to adopt a set of skills that are a must-have if you wish to please your customers.

Here’s what you need to inculcate:

  1. An amiable, approachable personality

    Your personality should be such that the customer is never hesitant to approach you. If you have a pleasant smile on your face and a friendly personality while dealing with your customers, it reflects in your tone as well. Your customer should feel that you are happy and grateful to have them. Even on a telephonic conversation, you should sound pleased to help them out.

  2. Confident body language

    This can be extended into three categories – facial expressions, body language, and gestures. Avoid rolling your eyes too much or have expressions of confusion or dejection. This is likely to put them off, especially in a face-to-face conversation. Secondly, your body language should be confident yet accommodating. Know your products and services well, and be confident while explaining it to your customers. Thirdly, your gestures shouldn’t be louder than your words. You don’t mean to seem intimidating.

  3. Knowledge of trending support software

    In today’s tech-savvy world, it is crucial to step-up your customer service game with advanced support software. A modern software (like Wowdesk) enables you to keep a record of your customer queries, track the progress of resolutions provided, and even follow-up with them after resolution. This provides an end-to-end resolution to all customer queries and complaints and ensures quality service. You cannot ensure 100% satisfaction of all your customers, but the best way to retain even the ones who are dissatisfied is to resolve their queries completely. It is impossible to keep a track of all your customers manually. Hence, knowledge of trending support software is a must!

  4. Problem-solving abilities

    It is crucial to be able to solve customer issues efficiently. And efficiency here means, fully yet quickly. You need to have great problem solving skills and an immunity against pressure. Do not be overwhelmed if you have to resolve the queries of a furious client. Be empathetic and step into their shoes. Then, solve their queries one by one. If the matter gets out of your hands, do not hang up or leave them stranded. Instead, escalate it to someone who could help.

  5. Positive and clear language

    Customer support is all about being able to understand your client and communicating clearly and positively with them. Your choice of words should reflect a positive attitude and your willingness to help. Also, you should be clear with your words rather than too concise or monosyllabic.

  6. A go-getter attitude

    You need to have an attitude of a go-getter. Understand that it is your job to resolve each and every query and you have chosen it for yourself. Do not try to do away with the queries and give your best at resolving them. Trying to delay the process or procrasting it will only lead to the loss of a paying customer, who is a brick in the wall of your business growth.

  7. Listening skills

    You have to be all ears to the customer while they are speaking. Let them speak and explain their issue before you extend a helping hand. To help them out in the best way possible, you first need to understand their query fully. This is only possible if you have great listening skills and patience.

  8.  Excellent product knowledge

    You should have surpassing knowledge of the products or services you are selling or extending to your customers. You customer should be able to reach out to you for resolution. Especially if you are in the tech world, knowing your products and their usage, installation, and features well is a must.

  9. 100% complaint resolution

    Although feedback and queries are an important part of customer service, the complaint arena deserves the most attention. Your prime objective as a customer service executive should be to resolve the complaints fully. Your angry customers should be able to leave a happy feedback after seeking support. A resolved complaint may convert in a frequent buyer as they rest assured about the customer service. In order to keep track of all the complaints, it is advised to use an efficient complaint management software that manages all complaints and ensures that nothing slips out of your sight.

  10. Patience

    Lastly, it is all about patience and empathy. If you can step into the customer’s shoes and connect with them, you will be able to help them better. Be patient even if they are angry because all they are looking for is resolution.

Adopt these skills and you are sure to please the king!

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