How many paid leaves are remaining?

I have an issue with my team lead. What do I do?

There are so many absentees in my team, what can I do?

These and many such questions are much familiar to the HR team- but what about tracking and managing all these issues? Are you one of those HR departments who are still tracking queries in the manual HR ticketing system such as spreadsheets?

Well, this approach is quite workable if you receive only a few queries every week. However, it is not at all feasible to use spreadsheets when you receive hundreds of queries in a month. You cannot hit your head to search through multiple spreadsheets for an older outstanding query. 

Wondering if it is possible to easily and quickly pull off reports and analyze trend data? Well, the answer is yes – with the help of an HR helpdesk system, you can manage your employee issues efficiently. Let’s learn through a compiled list of HR helpdesk benefits.


HR helpdesk benefits


  • Less paper trail but the better audit trail

No need to pass a hard copy of the document from desk to desk, just scan them into the software. This way you can eliminate the excessive need for paper floating all around the department, also it is easy to track where the document is at present.

Further, there’s no need to search for the whole office for missing documents. As using a service desk approach all documents can be attached to respective employee query, so when needed can be accessed easily. 

  • Meet the legal or FOI obligations

In many cases, the organization is asked to provide any information or document for any legal purposes or under the Freedom of Information act. It can be difficult to find the documents if you are managing them across different HR teams into multiple spreadsheets.

With a robust HR helpdesk, finding and accessing the information becomes easier and you can meet the request on time without much hassle.

  • Centralized HR data

Usually, the HR department consists of multiple independent teams, and thus able to share little information. The help desk approach centralizes the system and makes the HR data visible all across the whole department. This centralization of data saves time, increases visibility, and boosts productivity.

  • Develop healthy relations with employees

The HR department is responsible to provide a vital service to employees of their organization. Thus it is required to keep this relationship healthy.

Employees don’t want to raise tickets repeatedly for a single issue, but this is mostly the case with the manual process. An HR ticketing system allows the HR team to do a quick search, provide updates and solutions to their query swiftly. These results in a happy and healthy relationship of employees with the organization.

  • Meet business needs by tracking trends

HR helpdesk allows the HR team to foregather intelligence from data and understand the trends. This makes the HR team proactive towards the more recurrent issues. It allows businesses to drive towards their milestones and achieve their organizational goals better.

Contact Wowdesk to see how our HR ticketing system can assist your HR team and streamline internal employee management processes. 

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