Email may not be an ultra-modern and present-day platform for any company, but it is an undeniable fact that it is the most powerful model of communication till the date. In support, there are 3.9 billion active daily users of email, leaving every other popular mode far behind.  

The reason for this popularity is simple, the email can present information on a personal note. Whether it is about the new product promotion or some information regarding the ongoing maintenance of the service, emails can be circulated any day anytime to notify the intended audience. The person who receives the email knows that it is drafted by someone with the motto of providing great service or wants to help them with the issue that they are facing.

Importance of email support software

Studies show that about 90% of support centers are offering email support, and 70% of customers prefer email to seek support from companies. This is indicative that email support is still prevalent and sought-after. 

There are countless benefits of using an email support software, some of them are mentioned below: 

Seamless communication

When you use the email support system, you don’t have to worry about the availability and time zones of your customer across the globe, you can reach out to them at any time. 

Unlike phone support, you do not need to give hours dialing to deliver your messages or to wait for someone to attend your call to respond to you. You can send your message to their email inbox, and once they will be available, they will receive your message, whether you are at the service or not. To put it simply, it is a communication mode that consumes less time. 

Incredible in training an AI

Email is incredible in training an AI-powered agent for delivering high customer satisfaction. It is because the email requests are typically longer than that from social media channels or live chat and contain multiple intents.

While training an AI, the focus should be on how people ask questions, not on how you expect people to ask questions. You can train AI using past data as it gives AI Agent knowledge and confidence to accurately categorize intents across a larger number of observations and statements. The more availability of data, the more accurate an AI will be. Because companies are using email for a much longer time than any other channel, email has a much larger dataset. 

Beneficial for future reference

People see the phone support and live chat as an immediate support platform- the customer request needs a quick response over there. But the email ticketing system has the advantage that you can respond after getting enough context of the issue and can be referred to again. 41% of customers expect the response to their email request within 6 hours. 

You can have enough time to find a suitable answer for email than you have over instant messaging or telephone support. 

Ability to integrate templates, FAQs and product guide

Email tickets management allows you to efficiently integrate the templates, product guide, and FAQs to your response. These informational links help agents to provide faster resolution and assistance to customers so that they handle their issues on their own up to an extent. 

Agents don’t need to redraft emails for common repetitive issues. They can invest their time in finding a solution to more problematic and urgent issues.  


It is possible to integrate an email ticketing tool easily with your chat support or voice support system. It does not cost a fortune; the outcomes you get are way more than you invest in this channel. 

Fosters trust

You may call it psychological, but most people believe in written words rather than verbal conversations. 

Customers feel that when they report their issue through an email, the company will take it more seriously. Likewise, when customers receive any response to their reported issue through email, it provides them the satisfaction that the company is taking their matter seriously and will take some action regarding the issue.

Final thought 

Email ticketing systems are apt for customer service: they are personally intended for the addressee only, with the ability to provide informational links and attachments, it easily explains something more complicated.

With the high preference of customers for support over emails, the requirement of organizations to implement a well-grounded email ticketing system also increases. 

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