The customer service business in 2019 has witnessed a sudden shift in the way customers approach the sellers and expect to be heard. From reaching out to them on social media in need of help to calling them thrice a day to seek redressal, customers are walking an extra mile to find the best service providers. Customers today are smarter than ever. Before looking at the price tag, they look for easy return policies. This is why customer service providers need to level-up their game. From solving queries instantly, to offering help 24/7, customer service agents need to pick up pace with the quick customers of today.

The whole service and product based business industry is relying solely on customer service. The one that beats his competitors in customer service, beats them in business. Today, the customers look for exceptional before and after sales service. Any inability to fulfill such needs can lead to potential customer loss to cut-throat competition. Money not spent on your site will be spent on some other website if you fail to reply to customer queries instantly.


Here are the top trends and technologies that changed the face of customer service business in 2019. Have a look!

  • The mobile technology is booming

Everyone’s on the go and multitasking today. Most of your potential customers are using their smartphones to buy everything from their groceries to apparel. In this fast paced world, if you don’t have a mobile-responsive website, you’re likely to lose a lot of leads. With the booming mobile technology, it is important to have a mobile-compatible customer service that caters to their needs for assistance on their smartphones.

  • Social media availability is a must

More and more customers are turning to social media for help! This makes it so much more important for you to have an active social media presence and customer support. When customers don’t find a satisfactory resolution to their problems, they are more likely to turn to social media to leave a bad review or feedback. This not only leads to the loss of a customer but also pushes other potential leads away. Therefore, it is important to have an active social media customer support that caters to reviews and works towards resolving issues in order to improve existing ratings.

  • Automated chat bots are taking over

The need for customer care executives is gradually decreasing. As the world is shifting to automation, executives are being replaced by ChatBots. Many customer support software today are offering ChatBot services to manage customer service with artificial intelligence. This is much more efficient and cost-effective. Plus, businesses can rest assured that their customers are truly being heard and catered to. Also, as the processes are automated, the chances of error in redressal reduce. The resolutions provided are immediate and prompt, encouraging the customers to leave a positive feedback for other potential leads.

  • The world is shifting to customer management software

Managing the customers is so much easier than before. Owing to highly efficient customer management software available online, sellers are now able to record and track queries, complaints, and reviews. This ensures that the stats provided are error-free and nearly accurate. Such software also facilitate the redressal system as everything is organized and accessible as and when required. This automation leads to quicker redressals and ultimately happier customers. When a customer has to repeat themselves to different executives, they get irritated. However, if such management software are used, the information once stored can be used any time in the future. These tools can also be used to follow up on customers seeking resolution.

Keep up with the latest trends and technologies, and rule the business industry with excellent customer service!  

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