Enterprises of all industry types and sizes need a customer feedback systemConsumer feedback is their opinions, rating, thoughts, or feelings about your brand, product, or service. If you can manage these efficiently, you are likely to maintain a satisfied clientele who will stick with your brand in the long haul. 

With a customer feedback system, businesses can address their customers’ input on multiple channels and get their worthy opinion to enhance the customer experience. The software allows capturing feedback from phone calls, emails, online ratings, reviews, social site comments, usability tests, survey software, interviews, group discussions, and many other unconventional channels that are used for customer feedback. 

The best part is that the system helps frontline and management staff to understand their consumers better and improve customer happiness and loyalty. 

Features of a customer feedback system

Today, the market is loaded with several modern feedback systems, and choosing the best one often becomes a troubling experience. 

The following are the most desired features of customer feedback software to help you capture, manage, and strengthen consumer feedback:

1. Social Media 

Customers provide their feedback on social media platforms without any communication with the company. The customer feedback system enables companies to track social media comments, online reviews, ratings, and many different third-party user feedback. 

Besides, enterprises get the facility to reply to external and internal feedback.

2. Customer Survey

Customer feedback software endows enterprises to create and share surveys to gather customer feedback. It provides the facility to link surveys to the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) module and invites new consumers automatically to conduct a survey.

3. Text and Sentiment Analysis

An advanced feedback system lets you go beyond data gathering. It uses text and sentiment analysis to analyze the feedback information. It processes the textual information and unstructured data to draw trends and hidden information.

4. Voice of Consumer

A Voice of Consumer (VOC) program enables the user to listen, respond, and act on the feedback gathered about their brand, service, or product. Generally, the Voice of Consumer is used for market research and enables enterprises to obtain intelligent insights into their customers and determine the experiences they offer to them.

5. Multiple Platforms

It conducts surveys with the consumers utilizing email, SMS, landing pages, social media, and many other platforms.

6. A Review Generation Tool

Reviews and online ratings have a great effect on the customer’s buying behavior. On that account, feedback software incorporated with review generation tools to help companies and their brand promoters to increase star ratings and reviews and boost the brand’s visibility over the web.

7. Net Promoter Score

Usually, customer feedback systems utilize NPS as a survey method. Moreover, some other techniques like emojis, thumb ratings, and star ratings are also used to capture feedback.

If you are willing to buy customer feedback software for your company, make sure the software has the above-mentioned features. 

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