Businesses value quality over quantity – being a minimalist is the new trend in this fast-paced world. The longevity of a business depends on the quality of its content and how they share crucial business details & work performance with their clients. 

By far, it is seen that summarizing the content in the most optimized way is a tedious task for most organizations. In such scenarios, reports/reporting tools are the most effective and the biggest players. A well-drafted & error-free report enables decision-makers to take the right course of action and make informed choices. 

There are various types of reports which come with various types of advantages. In this blog post, we are going to give a bit of background and context of Helpdesk reporting and we will contour the five best practices one can use to make sure that the work done is summarized in the best possible way.

What is Helpdesk Reporting?

 A helpdesk report gives you an idea of your customer support performance and also enables you to quickly get insights on the various performance indices such as average response time, ticket rating, the volume of tickets received, sources etcetera.

 Customer experience has become an integral part of the modern service desk. Luckily, we have platforms like Wowdesk, which ensures that your service delivery always meets your customer’s demands. This efficient Zendesk alternative enables users to track important metrics like resolution speed, customer satisfaction ratings, the performance of the agent, etc. and present everything in a comprehensive, easy-to-analyze report. 

 That being said, let’s have a glance at the five best practices which aim to strengthen your helpdesk efforts and magnify the quality of your customer support presence. 

 1. Choose the right product:

Selection of a robust helpdesk system frees up lots of manual work because it dramatically automates the majority of the processes. Nowadays many organizations are opting for an all-in-one CRM solution, a Zendesk alternative like Wowdesk offers features built into the core CRM solution. This ensures that everyone in the team is in sync and aware of what’s happening on the other end. 

 2. Develop automated ticket routing:

A powerful helpdesk system allows you to handle your incoming tickets as per your desire. For example, tickets coming from users that have been addressed in the past can be automated by rerouting the tickets to the same representatives that helped the customers previously.

 3. Develop and exercise canned responses:

Pre-drafted emails that usually contain the frequently asked questions(FAQs) reduces the hassle of drafting the same response repeatedly.

 4. Follow up on closed tickets:

Once a ticket has been resolved, make a point to contact the customer and ask if the issue has been resolved properly and how was their overall experience. This can be a quick automated email or a call from the representative. This is an effective way of building brand loyalty.

 5. Ease of communication:

A variety of customers come with a variety of preferences and demands. Some of them would prefer to submit a ticket via live chat while others may want to have a quick call or submit queries via email. 

A robust helpdesk system always offers multiple channels to customers so that can easily communicate with you in whichever way they want. This intact client satisfaction and also ensures that the organization cares about their experiences.


 A reliable and recurring revenue stream is highly interrelated with customer satisfaction. A tangible customer support experience is the main ingredient of ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. 

We believe that these quick tips will encourage you to find and use the best Zendesk alternative which ultimately boosts your customer support presence & reputation. And all of this indicates a streamlined revenue and faster growth. 

The features offered by Wowdesk – a next-gen Zendesk alternative aligns with all the above-discussed practices, which surely add up to build trust among the customers for the product. To know more about Wowdesk, visit us here.

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