Customers are allowed to share any feedback or suggestions to improve a business since this valuable information is the key to business success. In recent years, customer loyalty has shifted from brands, products, and prices to the service, experience, and satisfaction. According to Microsoft’s global customer service stat report, 54% of customers have higher customer service expectations in 2020 as compared to 2019. The tech giant also reported that this percentage moves to 66% for 18-34 years old consumers. One of the biggest stats that came out in this Microsoft research was that 77% of customers favor brands that proactively ask for customer feedback plus accept suggestions and ideas to boost business growth. 

Below we will roll through the best ways of obtaining customer feedback, but before that, let’s highlight why customer feedback is important.

Why you should ask for customer feedback?

If you ever Google ‘importance of data’, it will simply answer- data improves processes. Customer feedback is valuable data that can improve business operations, which further contributes to prompt business growth. This small infographic below comprises the main reasons why you should proactively ask for customer feedback for your services and products.

Customer Feedback

How to Obtain Customer Feedback

Follow up Emails (Post Purchase Feedback)

Emails have been embracing customer-client interactions for decades. Whether there’s a query or just appreciation for services, consumers have always preferred emails as a formal channel to communicate. You can leverage follow up emails to know whether a customer was satisfied after a product purchase or service usage or there is something that needs improvement. Send personalized follow-up emails to make customers reply since 74% of marketers have admitted that targeted personalization boosts customer engagement. 

Online Customer Feedback Surveys

One of the simplest ways to measure client satisfaction is by offering customer feedback surveys on your website. However, it is important to provide customers with engaging and quick surveys built on robust platforms. Customer feedback software from Wowdesk can help businesses to analyze current performance and gain useful insights facilitating confident business decisions.

Real-time Post Chat Surveys

Another trending way of getting customer feedback is a post-chat survey on live chat conversations of customers and your agents. While it collects valuable insights about what customers think about the services or products, it also contributes to customer satisfaction by making them feel more important. Offering a real-time platform to communicate generates 73% of satisfaction levels which is higher than emails at 61%. However, not only customer satisfaction but the live chat has also been improving customer retention since 63% of customers have admitted a more likely return to a website with live chat rather than a website with simple contact information.

Monitor and Leverage Social Media Channels

Good or bad, you may have witnessed customers often share their experiences with a brand on social media. Maintain and keep a regular eye on your business’ social media platforms to grab any feedback you may receive. Not only you can know their experiences but you can question most active customers to get quick feedback over your services. 

Customer Interviews

This option targets a specific group of loyal and happy customers of a company. Make a list of your long-term customers and interview them to discover where you can improve as a business. Being loyal to your services and products, they will be glad to share valuable feedback that can benefit your business.

Final Word

Customer feedback has been an integral part of a business’ success story. From eCommerce giants such as Amazon to tech leaders like Microsoft, everyone has leveraged customer feedback to amplify business growth. These points can help varying businesses collect that valuable information and push their boundaries of conducting business. 







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