In the initial stage of your business, a single inbox can work just fine for you but as success begins to show up, you will be flooded with hundreds of emails per day that you might not even have time to respond. Some will be from satisfied customers and most of them from the dissatisfied ones. Furthermore, requests for calls, live chat messages, or comments will all become too overwhelming for you to handle.

So, what should you do?

Get along with a support ticketing system. A cogent ticketing tool will make it easy at your end. It will allow your team to stay in pace with multiple customer requests at all times and resolve issues faster than usual. Let go of spreadsheets and the trouble to keep up with the updates and turn your customer service top-notch.

Here are the seven amazing features that define a customer service ticketing system

1. Multi-channel Accessibility

Today, customers can reach you from any platform from the website, Emails, mobile app, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. In such a case, streamlining your customer support process on different platforms can be quite tough. 

However, a good ticketing system software can save you from a tough job by keeping a track of requests on multiple channels. This software enables you to merge different channels into one platform as well as creating a synchronized line of tickets. 

2. Multiple Language Support

The geography doesn’t work on the internet. Being said that, your customers will raise an issue in the language of their choice. Hence, developing software with one language will limit your support capabilities. You need a trouble ticket software designed to handle multiple languages. Additionally, speaking in your customer language is one step towards a strong relationship.

If you are not in the favor of making your ticketing system multilingual, you can still focus on making it learn at least two languages. Rest Google Translate can handle it for you.

3. Easy Customization

You need a ticketing software that compliments your brand. Right from its look and feel, you need something that goes well with your company. Your customers won’t be interested in raising a complaint if you don’t provide them with a good platform. 

A personalized space identifies with your company. Start from selecting a template, choosing colors, and styles that make it look easy. You don’t need to go extra but even a minimal approach will build a strong platform for your business.

4. Workflow Automation

This feature is the best of a ticket tracker. You need to have software that enables you to create automation to assign new tasks, classify tickets, and send auto-responses for known issues. With an automated system, you can send alerts or notifications to the right person and get things worked easily. 

Also, it cuts downtime and improves the potential of dealing with customer demands in a better way.

5. Personalized Ticket forms

For best customer experience, a helpdesk ticketing system needs to have multiple customized ticket forms that match the services and tickets classifications properties. It is more about requesting from your customers only relevant information about their service request category and listing out their preferences beforehand to inculcate in your system. 

Some of the ticketing software also have a device data log feature that collects information about the device and the browser they are using to create a better user experience.

6. Knowledge Base

A detailed knowledge base is the crux of a strong customer support service. For instance, having a comprehensive guide or a content database that allows customers to look for quick answers can lower your amount of support requests leading to happy customers. 

7. Team Empowerment

Lastly, having a good ticketing software benefits your team more than the customers. Right from streamlining the process of answering the tickets, the process carries out smoothly without any hassle. Your team can make use of some brilliant features, assign tickets to groups or individuals or add notes for future reference. 

Wowdesk can be the best helpdesk ticketing system to achieve customer service excellence. Easy management, exciting features, and efficient ticketing are what defines Wowdesk. Get to know more about our system here

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