It is common for humans to make mistakes, but when you are a customer support agent, you ought to leave no room for errors. 

A strong customer base is an essential part of the business, and poor customer service can greatly impact your company’s performance and image. 

Great customer support builds trust and helps in establishing a long-term business relationship. On the flip side, negative customer service causes buyers to abandon the intended purchase and find a competitive alternative. This is the reason most of the businesses have switched themselves to customer support software for optimal delivery of their customer services. 

Now, using tech solutions is an ideal way to gain business momentum, but it can also get a little tricky. It is extremely worthwhile to know and avoid the most common customer support service mistakes to create the desired impact. 

Common customer support service mistakes to avoid


1. Lack of adequate training to the agents

In most cases, the customer support agents are asked to go through and refer to the knowledgeable guides and user manuals on their own. It is a drawback if the support team fails to ask the right set of queries to understand the customer’s problem or take too much response time. 

Providing customer service training is an efficient way to start. This will help to keep staff on their toes. This training must be a dynamic and ongoing activity. Identify the weak areas of the team and help them overcome it. The use of record and playback tools helps them detect their mistakes and avoid repeating them. 

Also, make your team hands-on to customer support software. This is the way to proactively avoid customer service issues easily. 

2. Not having a self-service system in place

Not all customers find it easy to connect with the support team. Many feel like exploring resources on their own and finding details without incorporating a support person in the equation. 

The best customer support software has a self-service system that allows your team to share links to FAQs, whitepapers, or setup videos to every customer. This allows your customers to leverage the perks of self-assistance. 

Further, the customer support department should set a particular time to perform root cause analysis and process analysis. This helps in finding issues and solving them before a customer concern arises. 

3. Unavailability to customers

Support not being available is the pain point of the customers. Your team must serve clients with different time zones; support agents should be in reach all the time to resolve the issues and strengthen your brand image. 

4. Not listening to the customer’s problem properly

It is a great skill to listen carefully and share the solution accordingly. 

Answering the customer’s problem irrelevantly is a great failure. The support executive has to be attentive and withhold asking questions again and again.

5. Not to fulfill your promises

Get ready to see your customers frowning when you over-promise and under-deliver. However, the other way around makes them a happy customer. 

It is very professional to inform the customer about any delay and apologize if the department is not able to fulfill the commitment. This healthy behavior will maintain trust and save you from possible chaos. 

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