Customer service has evolved from mouth to ear communication at the users’ end and the customer agents’ end to now a palpable differentiating factor among successful organizations where the knowledge and experience of the customer service arm tries to match the expectations of the customers. Right from the point of ministering to the decision process by consumers to the queries and grievances raised by them, an efficient customer service platform helps a company to establish a long-term bond with consumers and turn them into “repeaters” rather than “scoot-ers”.

And there is no point for guessing the fact that as the demography of consumer experience is changing, so does the customer experience courtesy of cloud services being the buzzword. With more than 63% of the sample size of IDG cloud computing study claiming that cloud solutions has become one of the significant drivers of improving customer experience, it is no doubt that cloud solutions integrated with customer service platform is the next root-and-branch change in consumer-company paradigm. So let us have a look at how cloud integration with customer service platform is making life easier all around-

Anywhere, anytime!

Cloud technology brings accessibility of 24*7*365 both for the companies as well as for customers. The company’s customer care team can address and resolve queries and grievances by fetching the data from anywhere. The clients on the other hand can reach the company at any time and access the knowledge base without being strong-armed by the ticking clock. This provides real-time data to the company and swift solutions to the users.

Different shoes for different feet

Nothing more befitting for growth of a company than giving users what they want. With cloud computing solutions blended with customer service platform, a company is able to delve deeper into the proclivities of consumers based on the surveys, contests and social media interaction. This helps the organizations to be able to customize website experience as well as communication tools so that users feel at ease and able to see what they want. Win-win for both!

All resources at disposal

Cloud computing combined with customer service platform enables a company to pool in various resources from various department at the same time rather than queuing one task after another. This saves time and increases efficiency of the customer executive team especially when the grievance of high priority comes through. Rectification and ratification, both becomes easy and a document/query does not end up being circulated for weeks depending on approval by one department and then been passed on to the next one.

Cloud solutions for customer services offers companies’ the ease of flexibility to invest the time and resources in swift and streamlined customer experience by establishing infrastructural and knowledge foundation which is nothing short of a game changer for it. For users, it offers what they want and when they want without burning too much time in the traditional ways of customer service rigmarole. And the best part of this technological advancement is that it is still in nascent stage and it is quite exciting to see how well it turns out to simplify things on CX front the near future.

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