Wowdesk Wows Business Software Directory, Earns Coveted Customer Service Software Titles

The revolutionary help desk software, Wowdesk, has recently earned the Premium Usability and Rising Star titles for 2019 after impressing a team of business software experts.

FinancesOnline, one of the leading review platforms for business tools and applications, recently recognized the great usability of Wowdesk in streamlining the customer experience by distinguishing us with the Premium Usability award for 2019. Basically, Wowdesk surpassed FinancesOnline’s quality standards on their definition of what is customer service software. As the name implies, the Premium Usability award recognizes Wowdesk for its outstanding ease of use for engaging and delighting customers. As stated in their review, businesses that are looking to achieve high customer satisfaction need not look further as Wowdesk is able to ensure that they maintain “exceptional customer support at all times.”

So, how is Wowdesk customer service software easy to use and effective for businesses? Based on the detailed FinancesOnline analysis, this can be attributed to the flexible ticket management and configurable workflow rules which cаn help you automate  and manage thousands оf tickets daily еvеn with a ѕmаll team. With powerful and highly customizable workflow engine, Wowdesk delivers seamlessly deliver a robust platform for your customer service

Wowdesk self-service portal is empowering customers to obtain self help 24x7. By having a comprehensive knowledge base that houses all your frequently asked questions and common issues with detailed instructional materials, you can greatly lessen the load of your support agents and have them focus on more complicated concerns.

Easy collaboration between agents is another benefit to using Wowdesk, as you can eliminate long-winding and messy internal communications when discussing specific case details. According to FinancesOnline, “Wowdesk makes collaboration seamless,” making it possible for agents to quickly address complex problems.

Wowdesk prides in providing its customers with robust tools to help them deliver unparalleled Omnichannel customer service. This is evidenced by the Rising Star award we received from FinancesOnline, which is given to brands that are respected by both customers and analysts for its reliability. In light of this, we are proud to receive a modest 95% user satisfaction rating and earn a place in the FinancesOnline list of help desk software products.

Arm your customer support team with a revolutionary help desk software and boost your customer satisfaction today with Wowdesk! And if Wowdesk has wowed you already, please post your own user review on FinancesOnline.

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