Wowdesk Offers Integration of Survey Software and Complaint Management Software Modules for Effective Customer Feedback Analysis

Integration of Wowdesk survey software and complaint management software modules to analyze customer feedback, apply sentiment analysis, AI, and ML and auto-convert customer feedback into complaints or suggestions for improvement.

[21 May 2020]: Wowdesk brings seamless integration of survey software and complaint management software modules for a detailed analysis of customer feedback. It’s artificial intelligence and machine learning abilities allow organizations to apply sentiment analysis and auto-convert feedback into complaints or suggestions for improvement. 

Feedback analysis is imperative for business growth otherwise no one should bother collecting it in the first place. While most of the feedback provides standard details, some of it may contain a potential breakthrough for your business. An engaging survey software from Wowdesk can enable you to collect important feedback from complaints to high praises about your services or products, allowing you to measure customer satisfaction rates.

Applying Sentiment Analysis using AI and ML

Wowdesk survey software and complaint management software modules interpret and classify emotions (negative, positive, or neutral) within text data or feedback using text analysis techniques, to further help businesses identify customer sentiment toward services, products, or brand. With an estimated 80% of the world’s data still unstructured or unorganized, businesses find it to analyze, understand, and sort the huge volumes of data received every day. Fortunately, the customer feedback system Wowdesk comes with AI capabilities, allowing businesses to make sense of all this unstructured data by automatically tagging it.

Manually sorting thousands of emails, tweets, live chat conversations, or surveys can be a bit too much to process. Wowdesk is an efficient and cost-effective way to process huge amounts of unstructured data. 

Rather than relying on rule-based systems, where a set of human-crafted rules help identify the subject of opinion or feedback, Wowdesk’s customer complaint management relies on machine learning techniques. Rule-based systems are quite naive and require regular fine-tuning and maintenance as compared to a more advanced and automatic processing technique such as Wowdesk that don’t rely on human crafted rules. 

Wowdesk’s AI-based sentiment analysis can help organizations:

  • To analyze tweet or Facebook posts as well as other social media messages to identify the sentiment of your followers.
  • To analyze survey responses and complaints and detect the sentiment of your customer/clients.
  • To track customer sentiment about specific business aspects.

Apart from improving your services or products, feedback analysis from Wowdesk’s robust feedback software platform also helps organizations to target specific individuals to improve their work and increase business productivity. It can gain deep insights into your customer support performance and also promptly route queries to specific departments or team members for a quick resolution.

Leverage the powerful and AI-driven compliant software to auto-convert customer feedback into actionable insights and improve business performance. 

About Wowdesk

Wowdesk is a customer-centric helpdesk software with AI capabilities, allowing businesses to offer stellar customer service and maintain a high customer satisfaction rate. Customers expect an immediate, personal, intuitive, and hassle-free experience with organizations, and Wowdesk helps you effectively foster that. 

For help with the seamless integration of survey software and complaint management system modules from Wowdesk or for more information regarding Wowdesk’s help desk software, you can get in touch with us through email at or contact us.