Wowdesk Announces Its Compliance-Ready Complaint Management Software for Banks and Financial Services

Wowdesk recently announced its compliance-ready complaint management software for banks and financial companies under different bodies and from different countries. 

04-Sep-2020: The AI-powered compliance-ready complaint management software Wowdesk now allows banks and financial institutions to meet detailed regulatory requirements while enhancing the customer experience. The complaint management for financial institutions provides companies with all the data required to demonstrate regulators that you adhere to dispute and complaint handling regulations of different countries including, but not limited to the UK FCA’s DISP complaint management regulations, United States’ CFPB Compliance Manual, Australia’s RG 165. 

“Wowdesk is designed to adhere to the complaint and dispute handling regulations for different countries and bodies including-but not limited to UK FCA’s DISP complaint management regulations, United States’ CFPB Compliance Manual, Ireland’s Consumer Protection Code and Australia’s RG 165.”

Unlike most complaint management software applications that are only limited to work with banks, Wowdesk can also be helpful in managing credit reporting disputes including activities related to Automated Consumer Dispute Verification and e-Oscar, mortgage inquiries, or everything else from the finance industry.

An effective, intuitive, and cost-effective system such as Wowdesk complaints management software for financial services, streamlines the process of capturing, managing, tracking, and reporting on disputes, complaints, feedback, and inquiries regardless of how or when a customer contacts your organization. 

Wowdesk’s compliance-ready software includes the following services.

  • Operates with predefined workflows and correspondence to meet the relevant company, federal, or state SLAs applied during handling and resolving consumer disputes, inquiries, or complaints. 
  • Granular classification of disputes, inquiries, and complaints to allow root cause analysis to prevent systemic issues that may occur in the future if gone unnoticed. 
  • Easy to use features to capture disputes, inquiries, and complaints allowing companies to easily login and track them. Organizations can monitor a complaint from initial contact to different departments for escalated dispute and complaint handling operations. 
  • Easy web form, email, social media, mobile, and telephony integration tools to enable the multi-channel collection of disputes, complaints, and inquiries. Consumers get the ease to contact you through any channel.
  • KPI tracking and measurement.
  • Detailed reporting with team-specific dashboards and analysis tools.
  • Full support for complaint, dispute, or inquiry handling referred by multiple regulatory bodies or consumer advocacy groups of different countries. 

Wowdesk has been constantly evolving and innovating its technology to help different non-banking or banking financial companies with compliance-ready complaint handling software. A number of software applications fail to comply with regulatory requirements and adhere to codes of practice when handling consumer disputes or complaints. Most staff members don’t like dealing with complex complaint management software but Wowdesk breaks the tradition as it is the most user-friendly platform that provides failure resilient services and real-time scalability as it’s designed to perform at the enterprise-level. 

About Wowdesk

Wowdesk has been helping public bodies such as banks or other finance companies in customer service operations to keep their relationship with citizens healthy and growing. The powered customer service software has been helping support teams offer exceptional customer service. 

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