Wowdesk Partners with LogicsWare to Integrate CASCO Contact Center Solution with Wowdesk’s Powerful Ticketing System

Wowdesk has now partnered with LOGICSWARE to empower businesses with high-quality integrated and technologically advanced CASCO contact center solutions above and beyond empowering them with a powerful ticketing system.

[17 June 2020]: The SaaS helpdesk ticketing software provider Wowdesk has taken another step ahead in its uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction by partnering with a leading telecom software company LOGICSWARE Software Solution to integrate CASCO contact center solution with its powerful customer service ticketing system.

LOGICSWARE Software Solution is a widely known software company offering a full range of integrated telecom services globally. With integrated CASCO contact center solution from LOGICSWARE. Wowdesk’s robust ticketing system will now have the following call center (CASCO) features:

  • Built-in Auto-attendant: The basic auto-attendant engages customers with an introductory message and provides them with menu options for automatical call routing. Wowdesk’s support ticket system will give businesses the option to set a customized message on the auto-attendant, to enhance the customer experience.
  • VXL Based ACD Scenarios: Built on VXL scripting language, CASCO Call Center comes with ACD or automatic call distributor to automatically assign customer calls to unoccupied agents that possess required skills as per selected menu option from the client.
  • Priority Based Queue Control: The smart and advanced call center solution will align queries based on their priorities, allowing immediate response to customers in urgent need for support.
  • Multi-Supervisor Enabled with Online Agent Monitoring: The contact center will have multiple supervisors with the ability to easily monitor all the agents online using Wowdesk’s support ticketing system.
  • Call Recording with Encryption & Compression: Now all the calls will be recorded and encrypted before being transported over the network. The calls will be connected to the ticket enabling the user to listen to the call from inside the ticket, it will also be compressed with the help of voice-specific algorithms before being stored to minimize storage usage.
  • Smart Customer Identification: Customers will be identified as per their previous interactions with the support or with the help of their contact number.
  • Built-in Predictive Dialer: Now businesses can increase their reach rates using a built-in predictive dialer. The integrated call center software will enable call automation allowing the sales team to dial multiple numbers at once. As soon as the dialer detects a human answering the call, it routes the call immediately to an available sales rep.
  • Built-in IVR Capabilities: With the help of built-in interactive voice response(IVR), Wowdesk’s helpdesk ticketing system will help businesses to automatically interact with the callers. After gathering the required information through input responses from the customers, the automated telephony system will route the calls to appropriate sales reps.
  •  Rich Reporting Module Security & Auditing Trials Logs: The efficient trouble ticket software will also allow businesses to leverage well-managed reports and audit trials logs. The automated audit trials logs will provide compliance proof and information about operational integrity.

After partnering with LOGICSWARE, businesses of all sizes will have an automated call center solution for their customers through Wowdesk’s leading ticket tracker, enhancing their overall calling experience and promptly connecting them to the concerned support staff.

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