Wowdesk to Work with Philippines Government Agency

Wowdesk expands its global market presence in the Philippines by kicking off a project with a PH government agency(PHGA) to provide customer support for companies in the Philippines.

[08 June 2020]: Empowering customer support services for companies across industries with a powerful software suite, Wowdesk has taken another step in its global expansion by associating with the Philippines government agency to offer quick, effective, and around-the-clock customer support for companies dealing with the PHGA.

Wowdesk will help the government agency to put people at the center of their business by centralizing communication and streamlining workflows with easy-to-use, modern, and secure digital helpdesk solutions

As technology is evolving, people are expecting more out of both private as well as government organizations. Wowdesk’s help desk software will allow government agencies to scale their customer support services and compete head-to-head with private agencies. Here’s how Wowdesk will help PHGA serve businesses across the Philippines.

Ability to See the Bigger Picture

Citizens and local businesses have specific demands from their government and it gets almost impossible to monitor every demand. Wowdesk will allow PHGA to get a complete view of how locals interact with them. Starting from their search for information to how their queries are resolved. The best help desk software will allow easier integration of valuable information from communication channels, backend systems, business applications, and make it accessible to the officials or agents. PHGA will be able to deliver on expectations and enhance the overall experience of the citizens.

People’s Choice

People nowadays like getting help on their preferred channel and the omnichannel support solution from Wowdesk’s helpdesk system will enable them to offer support like leading businesses. PHGA will be able to set up self-service portals to allow people to track their cases, check status, and understand the process without any help. The proactive support approach will allow companies across the Philippines to exceed expectations and build a trust foundation. 

Smart Work

With millions to serve, government agencies are often occupied with several tasks. Technology can help reduce their work by managing multiple tasks simultaneously. Wowdesk’s powerful workflow engine and automation tools can handle repetitive tasks, improve employee productivity, and eliminate errors. With AI-powered knowledge management, people can help themselves allowing agents to focus more on issues that require special attention.

Valuable Data for Better Decision-Making

When you work for the government, the right decisions can help you stay connected to the citizens. With Wowdesk’s robust analytics and reporting, the companies will be able to gain visibility into useful insights to help them understand what’s working and what needs improvement in their organization. The integrated, fully customizable, and comprehensive dashboards will help companies in better decision-making. 

Modern Experience 

Every government wants to provide modern and digital experiences to the people in this digital era. Wowdesk will help PHGA to have an enterprise-class helpdesk system to track and resolve queries quickly. People using PHGA for certain services will have impeccable experiences while properly following regulation and compliance rules. 

About Wowdesk

Wowdesk is an enterprise-level omnichannel customer support software powered by AI and machine learning. The robust SaaS and on-premise help desk software is globally expanding with its latest venture with the Philippine government. Wowdesk’s powerful workflow engine streamlines the resolution process and effectively records, tracks, and manages customer queries.

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