Wowdesk to Scale Helpdesk Ticketing Processes with New Workflow Engine

Wowdesk launches a new version of its workflow automation engine to make helpdesk ticketing processes more efficient.

[Date: 21-July-2020]: Complex business processes are made easier with a workflow automation engine. Wowdesk is upgrading its AI-based support solution to make the helpdesk ticketing system more efficient by launching a new version of its workflow automation engine. 

The new version will allow companies to have a hands-off approach to streamline repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Companies will be able to introduce and improve customer service automation. Repetitive tasks such as data entry, canned responses, communication, ticket allocation, etc. leave support teams with very limited time to offer quality support. Agents are asked to comply with all the regulations and processes while also managing multiple systems. 

Wowdesk does all the hard work for the agents by automating all the repetitive tasks involved in the customer service ticketing system. Leveraging workflow automation, Wowdesk enables support teams to focus their time and effort on more crucial business activities. With more time available, support teams offer the highest customer satisfaction eventually resulting in business growth. 

Reduced Response and Resolution Time

The new workflow automation engine in Wowdesk’s support ticket system will immediately acknowledge customer queries and use its AI brain to classify and assign, and auto-respond to queries via various channels. This also leads to a drastic reduction in ticket resolution time since agents are automatically assigned tasks with effective ticket management. 

Excellent Customer Experience

As soon as the ticketing tool automates mundane support activities, agents get adequate time to work on complex customer issues. This new workflow engine will allow organizations to provide excellent customer experience by promptly resolving all the issues

Improved Service Values

Customer service managers should know the root causes of delays in issues. Wowdesk’s ticketing system software empowered by the new workflow engine will enable managers to monitor all the processes to see what is happening currently, what happened in the past, and what will happen in the future. The tool automatically alerts managers as well as employees about the delayed processes. It meets your expectations with business growth and allows you to identify escalation and SLA schemes. 

Automated workflows allow organizations to operate more efficiently. Wowdesk’s trouble ticket software creates opportunities to optimize workflows and transform business processes. With workflow automation features, you will be able to simplify business operations by defining process categories. The ticketing software will allow you to design separate workflows for specific business needs as per categorized business processes. The software will also be able to reduce human error and scale customer communication. 

About Wowdesk

Wowdesk is an enterprise-level SaaS customer helpdesk and ticketing system powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. The software is suitable for varying industries to empower support teams. From small businesses to big organizations, the ticket tracker is fast, feature-rich, and yet quite affordable as compared to their counterparts.

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