Wowdesk Minimizes Software Learning Curve and Help Organizations with Prompt Go-Live Process

New simple and guided onboarding process to minimize the software learning curve, speed up go-live process, and default configuration data based on various use cases and industries.

 [20 May 2020] Many organizations across industries are racing through the process of leveraging customer support software in hopes to gain an edge over their competition. But moving too fast, you end up picking the wrong technology for your company that quickly overwhelm your support staff. The key to minimize the software learning curve and prevent your employees to suffer from software training overload is Wowdesk. The AI-powered, SaaS help desk software becomes an opportunity for your employees instead of a burden with a new and simple guided onboarding process. 

Some companies think that setting up a helpdesk system is a huge ordeal, which might be true for many customer support systems but not Wowdesk. The AI-driven helpdesk solution is actively guiding and helping support teams to find new value and success through its hassle-free easy-to-set platform. Allowing all methods of incoming requests to funnel down on one dashboard, the ticketing platform speed-up the go-live process and enables agents to start resolving tickets without any special individual training.

Wowdesk is an effective workflow-based best customer service software that provides an end-to-end view of customer requests and queries. Setting up a Wowdesk corporate or personal account barely takes a few minutes. Available for both cloud-based and on-premise deployment, you can pick anyone as per the needs of your organization.

Guided On-Boarding Process

Wowdesk offers a 24×7 support channel to help organizations and support teams with a new simple and guided onboarding process. The intuitive interface helps with a minimal learning curve and smooth user-experience whereas comprehensive depth and breadth of features are well-rounded to provide high efficiency. Wowdesk offers support on

  • Email: Get Wowdesk support team serve your customers via email.
  • Chat: Get quick and attended help from Wowdesk’s support team on the online chat. 
  • Phone: Wowdesk support team is always available via phone channel.
  • Self-service Full Knowledgebase: Companies can go through KBs for FAQs, How-to, troubleshooting, and user guide articles. 

Default Configuration Data Based on Various Use Cases and Industries

Another feature from the best customer support software, that speeds up the go-live process, is the availability of default configuration data based on various use cases and industries. Organizations across industries including finance and accounting, manufacturing and retail, education, travel, technology and telecom, healthcare and medical, government, non-profit organizations, retail and e-commerce, media and marketing, transportations & logistics, and real estate do not need to configure Wowdesk from scratch but rather leverage best practices processes. Apart from these, organizations from other industries can also leverage helpdesk solutions with easy-configuration options. 

Need to minimize the software learning curve

Every employee in a company comes with a different set of knowledge, where understanding a software may vary from “no knowledge” to “an expert”. Software training overload can directly impact employee productivity, morale, and satisfaction. With minimal software learning curve from Wowdesk, employees with very limited to no prior knowledge of technology find it easy to get onboard and go-live with the software. Organizations can start leveraging the best help desk software straightaway from its deployment.

About Wowdesk

Wowdesk is an AI-driven omnichannel help desk software designed to serve businesses of varying sizes and from diverse industries. Allow your business to effectively record, track, and manage service requests to boost productivity and growth across the organization.

For help with setting up Wowdesk for your business or for more information regarding Wowdesk’s helpdesk system, you can get in touch with us through email at or contact us.