Wowdesk Launches New Program for Startups

Wowdesk- The leading Customer engagement management software company announces a new program for startups.

[Date: 04-Aug-2020]: One of the leading customer support software Wowdesk announced that new qualifying startups will be getting Wowdesk’s software suite free for one year. A move intended to promote quality customer service across organizations will allow thriving businesses to grow faster and better.

Along with the Wowdesk software suite, qualifying startups will also receive a step-by-step guide to setup and leverage all the Wowdesk products. A team of experienced support professionals and engineers will help startups with remote or onsite set up of their customer service software as per their requirement. 

Customer experience is crucial for the success of any fast-growing startup. However, it’s easy to get busy building your product or services and forget about the most important part of your business- customers. With a commitment to help startups in getting everything right from the start, the best customer support software also partners with several technology providers. 

Customer expectations are rapidly changing with time and this is why startups require technology that is easy to implement and can scale with their business operations. Wowdesk has helped a number of new businesses to meet the challenges of rapidly changing business environments. Here are the features that will help startups to offer flawless service with limited support staff. 


Startups can empower their business with a self-service help center from Wowdesk. Being new to any industry means you are always short of human resources. This is where Wowdesk can help your small support teams. The portal includes a wide knowledge base search, a live chat design optimized for mobile devices, and a case submission and tracking dashboard. It allows customers to get answers to simple queries themselves leaving adequate time for support teams to work on more critical tasks. 

Capture Cases from Social Media Channels

Link your Facebook, Twitter, and other social accounts to the best customer service software and generate cases from customer messages or posts instantly. The system also helps send back responses to original tweets automatically helping customers with an immediate response. 

Mobile Support

With people preferring performing things on-the-go, Wowdesk is also available for smartphones. Customers can submit new cases, track their queries, and chat with agents simply from their smartphones with native mobile app support. 

Live Chat and Virtual Assistant 

Real-time support is always appreciated by customers and you can scale your real-time chat support with the best customer support software. While customers are getting real-time answers, agents will be able to see chat history to understand the query better or start the conversation from last left. 

Startups will also get an AI-powered virtual assistant to help customers with simple queries. The natural language processing from AI can automate conversations and help customers with sales of technical support queries. 

About Wowdesk

Wowdesk is multi-channel customer service software that helps businesses of varying sizes to scale customer support and streamline case management. The AI-powered software suite can help startups with small teams to smartly manage service requests. 

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