Wowdesk customer engagement platform enables businesses to achieve 3-years 500% ROI

By streamlining and automating customer complaint handling with Wowdesk, businesses can quickly resolve customer queries to help businesses with an incredible return on investment over time.

Aug 19, 2020: One of the top customer support software provider Wowdesk said that varying business types and sizes can get 500% or more return on investment within 3 years of use. The ticketing software company derived these results from previous client insights. Most of the midmarket customers were happy and wanted Wowdesk to continue as an effective and innovative way to handle complaints. The spike in demand for online businesses and an increase in shipping volumes due to Coronavirus may leave support teams occupied with several customer requests. 

Wowdesk can simplify customer request handling and empower support teams to take a proactive approach to complaints. High complexity, cost of managing multiple channels, inaccurate reporting, and measurements, are some of the major issues resolved by the omnichannel customer support solution Wowdesk. Here is how businesses can save and get up to 500% ROI with Wowdesk.

No more wait time

Being an omnichannel support provider, Wowdesk allows businesses to manage customers from multiple support channels while also helping customers easily shift to more convenient, lower-cost channels such as live chat, etc. This saves agent time allowing them to work on more critical issues. A streamlined ticketing system also helps support teams in handling multiple tickets at once to save time. 

Improved agent workflow

An AI-powered robust workflow engine from Wowdesk automates ticket categorization and intelligently assigns them to agents based on their criticality. Unlike traditional workflow, the ticket assignment is precise and prompt. The complaint management tool provides suggestions and instructions based on each ticket to make daily tasks easier and intuitive. Serving customers faster, these customizable workflows can fit unique customer needs and can be configured within seconds. Automated workflows reduce errors and ensure that, no matter how occupied, your agents will always get accurate information.

Scaling self-service

Leveraging artificial intelligence, businesses can scale their self-service portal to take some workload off the support team, improve the customer experience, and save money through Wowdesk. Administrative and reporting tasks should not take your money. It turns out to be a win-win situation for customers since, if they don’t like talking to a bot, they can choose not to interact but if there’s a query that machine can answer, it will help them faster than a support agent. 

About Wowdesk

Wowdesk is a top-rated omnichannel SaaS help desk software that streamlines customer support and provides an effective way to monitor, manage, and resolve customer service requests. The powerful workflow engine can help a number of businesses to streamline the customer query resolution process and yield high ROI. 

To run your business on fewer resources for over 500% ROI in three years and to succeed at the digital transformation of your customer support processes through Wowdesk, get in touch with us through email at