Wowdesk brings Wowsmart AI Solution to Help Scale Self-Service and Automate Workflows Using Machine Learning

Wowsmart AI solution to help scale self-service and to automate workflows through machine learning such as triaging of incoming cases, auto-classification, auto-routing, and assisting customer service agents with suggested actions/answers.

[22 May 2020]: Customers often prefer finding a solution to their own problems. In fact, 81% of customers try solving a problem by themselves before reaching out to customer support. Wowdesk empowers businesses to offer smart self-service across channels and devices so that your clients can get their own answers. In an attempt to help businesses scale self-service and automate workflows, Wowdesk brings Wowsmart AI Solutions.

AI-Empowered Self Service

The advanced help desk software from Wowdesk offers chatbots that use machine learning to help customers become more self-sufficient. Automated self-service use content from your knowledge base to respond to customer queries. Wowsmart AI solution helps organizations to cut down their ticket volume and also enables consumers to help themselves.

As technology has evolved, customers often only seek human assistance when they cannot find answers themselves. Like everything else, customer support has also become an on-demand thing. Automated support is considered a proactive approach for companies to resolve customer queries and cutting-edge customer support software such as Wowsdesk help scale self-service to empower companies from varying industries to leverage this proactive approach for growth.

  • Companies looking to empower their customers with self-service offer a variety of resources to help them. Whether it’s about checking the status of a delivery or looking for product documentation, an AI-powered solution such as Wowsmart can give a company an edge over its competitors.
  • Scaling self-service with artificial intelligence also help you in with an increased customer satisfaction rate. Automated helpdesk software reduces the number of incoming tickets, allowing agents to focus on high-value activities and also shaving down customer assistance costs for companies. 
  • Workflow Automation with Machine Learning

    Apart from crafting more tailored knowledge-sharing platforms for customers, businesses today can also be strategic with the way self-services are offered to automate their workflows. Wowsmart AI solution can leverage machine learning to automate workflows and provide several benefits including:

    • Triaging Incoming Cases: Support teams with limited knowledge of ticket urgency or request urgency can fail to help customers on-time. For instance, a customer requesting an address change on an order through a mail or ticket needs assistance before the order gets shipped. AI-driven helpdesk system such as Wowdesk can leverage machine learning to set ticket urgency levels and solve queries on time. 
    • Auto-Classification: Manual classification of tickets can take more time than resolving them. However, the best customer support software uses machine learning to automatically classify tickets. Companies across industries can have an organized approach to queries and requests while also maintaining analytics for future decision-making. 
    • Auto-Routing: Seamless workflow also demands a quick resolution of customer queries. With auto-routing available in the best customer service software, all the tickets are promptly assigned to their respective agents or departments for an immediate resolution.
    • Agent Assistance: With minimal learning curve and easy-to-use interface, efficient AI tools also suggest answers and queries to agents helping them promptly resolve customer issues. 

    About Wowdesk

    Wowdesk is an omnichannel AI-powered helpdesk system, enabling organizations to provide impeccable customer support solutions. The advanced ticketing system helps businesses effectively record, track, and manage customer requests and issues to increase business productivity and operational efficiency.

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