We Are Making Some Big Changes To Wowdesk

The leading customer support software suite Wowdesk will soon have some important updates to help businesses provide the best customer support services.

Sep 02, 2020 The AI-driven omnichannel help desk software Wowdesk is here with some major changes. The upgrade is said to increase your profit with existing customers by at least 25%. Wowdesk will help you outrank your competitors in less time than before with a more robust set of features working to grow your business as well as retaining your existing customers. With more simplified and customer-centric support services, businesses of all sizes and from various industries will be able to deliver WOW customer service. 

“ The changes we are making will make it easier for you to provide the best of breed customer support, grow your customer base, and retain your existing ones.

In essence, you will be able to outrank your competitors in less time with less work and increase your profit from existing customers by at least 25%.”

Delivering great customer service may start with nothing but a free email account. However, as companies grow, they start experiencing some limitations. These rough edges may hinder their customer service. With customer support software such as Wowdesk, companies can grow their customer base rapidly without worrying about management. The keyways through which the new features will help businesses outrank their competitors in customer base will be: 

  • More Responsive and Consistent Support

The help desk software comes with features like knowledge base integration, tagging, workflows, saved replies, self-service, and more to allow support teams to spend their majority of the time helping customers and not fighting these tools. 

  • Leveraging Customer Insights

Wowdesk now more effectively identifies, collects, and organizes helpful feedback, feature requests, use cases, and bug reports to help businesses improve their service rather than being lost in an email inbox. 

  • Working Better by Collaborating

By keeping track of all the customer queries and coordinating responses across multiple departments or teams, the complaint management software reduces duplicated work across the organization and delivers up to date answers. 

  • Analyzing and Reporting

The API access and built-in reporting features of Wowdesk help companies understand changes in team productivity, support volume, type of customer, and much more. 

  • Scaling Up the Service

With tools that can coordinate multiple departments and teams to manage an enormous consumer base with organizational features, integrations with other helpful tools, and automation, businesses can maintain high-quality service. 

When multiple people effectively work together in collaboration to help the customers, not only do they retain their existing customers but they also witness the customer base rapidly grow. These new upgrades to Wowdesk will help companies effectively handle and grow their business by addressing all customer needs. 

About Wowdesk

Wowdesk is an omnichannel AI-driven on-premise and SaaS help desk software, currently helping several businesses to provide an exceptional customer journey at an affordable price. The enterprise-level feature-rich software suite empowers support teams with useful insights and helps them meet the growing demands of customers.

For more information regarding Wowdesk’s new features and upgrades, you can get in touch with us through email at sales@wowdesk.com.