How to Succeed at Digital Transformation of Your Customer Support Processes

With digital transformation forcing companies to change their way of operation and adapt to the new market realities, Wowdesk explains how businesses can deliver value to customers by integrating digital technology in their customer support processes.

[29 June 2020]: As technology has been on a rise for over two decades now, digital transformation across industries has enabled varying sizes of businesses to change their way of operating and interacting with customers. Wowdesk has been scaling customer support services with the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more. The best customer support software provider explains how businesses can succeed in the digital transformation of their customer support processes.

Implementing smart ideas and intelligent concepts with technologies such as AI and IoT can help companies advance in adopting new technologies to improve their support processes. Digital transformation can potentially tap on all the corners of a business but it leaves the biggest impact on customer experience. 

Embrace Automation

Automation has been a part of customer support processes for a while now. Still, there are companies without rudimentary chatbots capable of responding to basic questions. 84% of respondents from a survey conducted by Accenture admitted that they prefer interacting with computer applications more than support staff due to 24×7 availability. 64% of respondents from the same survey found automated applications faster to engage.

While the quality of service through automation has been a concern in the past, technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence are constantly improving customer service software.

Wowdesk believes that companies should bring automation to simple customer support tasks such as ticket prioritization, follow-up emails, and more. With more time to focus on more critical tasks, your support team can leverage digital transformation quite well.

Information Sharing

Efficient customer support software enables organizations to conveniently share information with customers. This support practice eliminates the need for speaking to the staff since consumers can find the information they want easily. For instance, canceling an order was a complex task before eCommerce websites started providing all the information about tracking, canceling, or returning an order on their website as well as different communication channels such as Emails and SMS. 

Organizations should put critical information in a single place for customers using technology. This allows agents to take time with their responses, making customer support processes less prone to failure.

Learn About Customers

Data wins you the battle. No one knows it better than the marketers and business owners. Digital transformation allows businesses to get detailed insights into customers’ purchasing preferences. Analytic reports from the best customer service software Wowdesk help organizations in improving their offerings and plan more effective marketing campaigns. Customers today know about their data being collected by businesses and most of them believe that businesses should analyze it to offer personalized shopping recommendations.

Be Available at Multiple Channels

When you opt for an omnichannel customer support software, it helps the businesses to provide their customers with seamless support experience on whatever platform they want. Instead of enhancing their mobile experience, or desktop, or tablet, or something else, businesses can go for the holistic approach of an omnichannel experience. 

In a nutshell, succeeding at the digital transformation of your customer support process mostly relies on the right tools. By leveraging support software such as Wowdesk, you can scale customer self-service, bring automation, and offer 24×7 multichannel availability. 

About Wowdesk

Wowdesk is an enterprise-level help desk software with machine learning abilities. The next-generation software can help you lead your support services to the new digital age with a powerful AI-driven workflow automation engine. 

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