Announcing the Launch of Wowdesk in AWS Marketplace, Delivering AI-Driven Helpdesk Support Solutions to Businesses in One-Click

Wowdesk, the robust SaaS help desk software, is now offering quick access to modern customer support solutions on Amazon Web Services with its launch in AWS Marketplace.

[18 May 2020] Wowdesk, an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven multi-channel helpdesk software known to empower varying types and sizes of businesses, announced that it will be available in AWS Marketplace. Amazon Web Services (AWS) users can now easily try, purchase, and utilize Wowdesk to help their businesses uncover the numerous benefits of exceptional customer service. Customers across industries have a number of ways to provide their feedback and queries to a business which increases the demand for multi-channel support. Wowdesk simplifies the support system by funneling queries from all platforms to a single dashboard. 

AWS Marketplace allows software sellers to offer flexible pricing options, such as pay-as-you-go, and Wowdesk wants to leverage their customer support solution at affordable pricing options made available by AWS Marketplace. Wowdesk’s platform will support four primary products on AWS to encourage excellence in customer engagement.

  • Wowdesk – The powerful helpdesk software. Wowdesk allows businesses to offer omnichannel customer support, in order to help them anytime and anywhere. With an efficient customer feedback system, Wowdesk collects vital information regarding services, analyzes performance, and hit on untapped service areas to achieve excellence. The multi-channel support helps you receive and manage customer requests, complaints, and queries from emails, live chats, websites, mobiles, social media, phone, and more. 
  • Wowchat – With a high response rate and instant solutions, live chats have become new customer favorites. Wowdesk can enhance customer satisfaction for businesses in AWS Marketplace with this new preferred instant channel. It comes with predefined responses as well as real-time support with specific roles and permissions. 
  • Wowsurvey – Smart decision-making and better products are imperative for business growth. Business owners can leverage Wowsurvey to gain valuable insights about their products and take smart decisions empowering their business. The tool offers online surveys where simple questionnaires can help you find problems with your services. You can drive appropriate solutions by meeting customer demands from multiple channels. 
  • Wowmobile – Nowadays, product or service research is mostly carried on mobile devices. Give your agents on-the-go access and the ability to resolve tickets. Smartly operate, listen, analyze, and measure the effectiveness of your customer service solutions.

AWS Marketplace customers are always looking for cutting edge solutions for their businesses. Solutions that can make a real-time impact with feedback and organize customer requests efficiently can be quite beneficial for online businesses running on AWS. 

About Wowdesk

Wowdesk is an omnichannel helpdesk software enhancing customer experience with impeccable solutions. Businesses with small support teams can leverage it to streamline their support operation through a robust workflow and automation engines.

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