Wowdesk Solution partners resell Wowdesk customer service and help desk software combined with their expertise and services to design, plan and deploy the state of art customer service software Wowdesk to their customers in order to help them be more competitive and increase customers loyalty and satisfaction.

Wowdesk Solution Provider Program gives partners an access to benefits, rewards and resources that
  • Helps you drive licenses and services business
  • Creates new opportunities
  • Increases profitability
  • Differentiates you from your competitors
  • Delivers proven technology and valued expertise to your customers.

As a Solution Provider Partner, Wowdesk helps you best serve your customers needs through the unique value of enhancing their customer services and loyalty and thus increase revenues and profits.

Partnership Program Levels

There are two levels of partnership program which are Silver Partner and certified gold partner.

Silver Partner

With no commitments from your side at all, whether your field is system integration, web design, developing, ecommerce or e-marketing you can benefit from the silver partner program. By acting as a consultant to your customers, you can propose them our customer service solution Wowdesk, they will touch the benefits of customer’s loyalty and satisfaction and they would thank you to give them the opportunity to such an excellent investment with the best ROI.


  • Opportunity/Lead access
  • Solution Selling Incentives
  • Increases profitability
  • Wowdesk Silver Partner logo
  • Demand Generation programs

Certified Gold Partner

In this program you would have the knowledge and power to get the most out of our partnership, your team will be certified from our company to go through the whole sales cycle from initiating interest up to closing the deals, your sales and presales teams will help your customers to be more competitive and profitable and bond your customers to your company.


  • Opportunity Protection Program
  • Enhanced Solution Selling Incentives
  • Wowdesk Certified Gold Partner logo
  • Demand Generation Programs
  • Listing On Our Website As A Certified Gold Partner
  • Technical Support Incidents
  • Internal Use Licenses
  • Periodically Ongoing Training


  • Certified Partner Program Agreement
  • At Least One Sales Certified Professional
  • At Least One Presales Certified Professional
  • A Minimum Of One Customer Reference
  • Annual Revenue Commitment

Demand Generation Program

Wowdesk executes regular sales and marketing programs, such as seminars, email campaigns etc., to help drive demand and generate leads for Wowdesk case management solution. Premitek certified gold partners only are eligible to receive qualified and unqualified leads from these sales and marketing activities.

Leads are distributed to eligible partners based upon geography and a match between the customer’s requirements and the partner’s solution focus, skill set and experience.

Also Wowdesk offers Sponsorship and attendance for special events hosted and planned by its certified gold partner with speakers and cost sharing.

Financial Benefit for Partners

Silver Level


Gold Level


The annual revenue commitment

The certified gold partner will have a $25,000 annual commitment for the first year of partnership to be raised to $50,000 in subsequent years

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