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AHireHunt provides AI-powered matching, screening and tracking tools that handle the time-consuming tasks, so you can focus on filling positions faster, with higher accuracy. HireHunt helps automate the pre-selection and screening process while providing an outstanding, personalized candidate experience. It’s like having an extra recruiter, digital marketer and data analyst on your team.
HireHunt provides the following tools to help you do just that:

• Auto-shortlisting
• Auto-replies and auto-reject messages
• Interactive assessments
• Sharing shortlists for quick feedback
• Monitor efficiency KPIs

These tools directly impact your recruitment metrics such as ‘Time to hire’ and ‘Quality of hire’.

The idea is to go from CVs, to relevant shortlists, to qualified finalists with ease. HireHunt can automate most of the time-consuming, repetitive tasks so you can focus on “closing” the most qualified talent before your competition does.

Only on HireHunt can applicants showcase their real capabilities through interactive questions, games and missions.

HireHunt’s unique gamified, conversational User Experience increases application completion by 180% and has been featured by Gamification Europe and Facebook.

HireHunt provides the following features to help you craft the ideal Applicant Experience to increase conversions of submitted applications and attract your ideal caliber:

• Application Stages
• Points, Badges and Leaderboards
• Gamified Assessments
• Apply by Chatbot on Facebook Messenger

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