Help Desk Software automation market expected to witness high growth in 2020 and post COVID-19 pandemic with key players Wowdesk, Zendesk, Help Scout, Zoho, and Team Support.

Help Desk Software automation market expected to witness high growth in 2020 and post COVID-19 pandemic with key players Wowdesk, Zendesk, Help Scout, Zoho, and Team Support.

[23 June’2020]: With current COVID-19 pandemic hurting most industries, businesses are looking for ways to remotely manage their staff, customers, and business operations. As the businesses will look to get back on track post-COVID-19 pandemic, business owners would want to automate as many processes as possible to efficiently run the business and sustain the growth rate. 

Customer service plays a vital role in the growth of any business. Help desk software such as Wowdesk, Zendesk, Help Scout, Zoho, and Team Support will emerge as key players in the market as businesses will look to promptly enhance customer satisfaction rates. Modern support automation tools boost performance and quality by offering customers tools to fix their own problems. Along with scaling self-service, these also allow teams to pay more attention to complex business issues and also keep customers up-to-date on their service requests. 

Do More With Less

With most businesses facing a cash flow crunch due to COVID-19, help desk budgets will likely fail to meet demand and teams will be asked to do more with less. Implementing certain automation in support services will boost productivity and also improve service quality. Helpdesk system like Wowdesk provides people with a space to ask questions and get solutions without interrupting help desk teams. It also automatically captures incoming queries, save them in the database, and auto-assign them to active staff. 

Automate the Ticketing System

An automated helpdesk software such as Wowdesk keeps support teams informed about tickets created, staff assignment, customer replies, and more. Businesses can set predefined conditions for ticket assignment based on criticality. Most of these ticketing systems have built-in features to get these issues to the right team, departments, and/or people. By automating ticketing reassignments or escalations based on the number of responses, your SLA, etc. these help desk systems will also help in improving support team productivity. 

In case there are too many replies between the support team and customer or the ticket is nearing SLA, powerful workflow automation escalates the ticket to higher management. 

Get Customer Feedback 

Service desk performance can be measured in a lot of ways such as rate of resolutions, cost-per-ticket, the average time to resolve tickets, etc. But, if the quality of service is poor, these metrics will make no difference. Low-resolution times and high-resolution rates can also be achieved by closing tickets without resolving issues. An automated help desk system will allow businesses to automate the process of creating and sending help desk surveys to collect valuable customer feedback. These tools will automatically include customer surveys in every email sent to customers via support teams. Furthermore, these helpdesk solutions will instantly bring feedback to concerned service desk personnel. 

About Wowdesk

Wowdesk is an AI-based help desk software helping a number of businesses to offer impeccable customer service. The powerful workflow engine of Wowdesk allows the varying size of businesses to record, track, manage service requests, and streamline the resolution process. 

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