A website can take its functionality a level up by providing real time help. If a visitor has a query, the website can provide real help by allowing the visitor to communicate with the website owner.

It is called live chat online and it is quite beneficial for websites. It is learnt that most visitors opt to click out of sites because they find the content confusing. When they are unable to find satisfactory answers to their doubts, they click back from sites. Here a website can make a difference by offering real time help.

How to start online help?

Install software on your site to provide help. The software would make you available. Visitors would see you online and ready to help. They would contact you, if they have any queries. In this way, you would be able to target the visitors that want to do business with you but are hesitating because they have doubts. You can clear their doubts and in this way make them your customers.

You can manage communication from your mobile

The software can be customized to suit individual needs. You can get mobile version of the software so that you can remain connected to your visitors all the time. Whenever a visitor has a query and he sends a message, you would see the message on your mobile. You can give reply to the visitor and in this way manage your sales from your phone. The software won’t cost you much and also you won’t need additional infrastructure to manage the software.

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